10 steps to make your child stressfree before exams

By Madhurie Singh, February 27, 2017

How to combat exam stress parents

I have found an easy way to help my sons combat stress.
1. Make a time table a month in advance.
Take the most difficult subject and most difficult topics first. Explain them with a relaxed mood. Yeah. And I also keep in the account number of holidays before any paper. Those subjects with least off days before exam date are to be done first.
Any topic that needs mugging up comes next.
Easy topics are verbally done to keep the happiness factor high.
Every day 2 to 3 chapters of one subject and one topic of Math. Math is practice so can’t be done in one day.
2. After the timetable based study is over for the day they can play. No time constraint. They are free to use tabs or mobiles or read books. Two hours play or out of the house is a must.
3. Sleeping same time every night is good. 10 pm is max they are awake and 6 am wake-up time. Sleeping 8-10 hours is v important for the brain to rejuvenate and work efficiently. If they are sleepy after school, then everything else can wait. Lack of sleep is one of the worst things for any student.
4. I have started making fresh lemon juice with each meal. Vit C helps their immunity and sugar gives them energy for the brain. I have stopped giving Tang or Glucon D. Soon I will start making sweet or salty chaas with each meal with the mercury rising. Coke and Pepsi strictly not given. Milk twice without anything in it except sugar or at time cocoa powder.

5. The dose of dry fruits will increase everyday especially of Kaju, badam, akhroat. One fruit in the short break keeps them feeling full and fresh. Lunch is always a roti roll or bread sandwich with chicken cooked with cheese. We don’t eat fried snacks. So they eat dal chawal and a veggie after school with 1 tablespoon Ghee that keeps their brain cells nourished with Omega 3 and Vit D for a healthy body. Ghee is the secret of my health too.

6. Lots of hugging and kissing. Ask them how was the day and not how was the test. Controlling my own irritation when something they do wrong repeatedly. I am a human being too so it’s ok. So minimizing lecturing and if requires seeking expert advice is the need of the hour. I don’t shy away from accepting the need to approach any expert on anything I am not good at. It cuts time and helps my family. No ego there.

7. Every day I quickly browse their timetable, books, and whatever is happening in their classes. (In normal days I don’t bother much.)

8. They love Shwarma and malai chicken that I ensure is ready so that no nagging happens at the dining table. Vegetables are hated like all children do. I find ways to serve them hidden in roti mix, dosa mix, rolls, gravy, and salads. Food time should be always the happy time.

9. I eat before them. Yeah. That keeps my energy high and my anger under check. My needs are number one priority. Only then everyone around me can be happy. Yes, there are times we lose track but it’s ok. We are not a computer program to keep on working in loops without exceptions.
10. Started talking to them positive words after they sleep at night to reinforce the values of good human being. (It’s working like magic).

As parents, we get stressed and pass it on to our children unconsciously. So, you may want to meditate for 10 minutes every day before your children are back from the school. 🙂

If you have any tip that has worked for you, do share it with me in the comments below.

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