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Welcome to! I am delighted to have you here and eager to assist you in finding the best school, preschool, coaching classes, honest product reviews, and practical parenting advice for your child’s growth and development. Below are some guidelines to help you navigate the site effectively and make informed decisions,

For School Search:

Step 1. Start by searching for “Boards” in the search bar located in the top menu. Read all the articles related to different educational boards (e.g., CBSE, ICSE, etc.). Once you have clarity about the right board for your child, proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Identify the top three criteria that are essential for the schools where your child will study for the next 10 to 12 years. Use the search bar again and look for “School Criteria” to find relevant articles.

Step 3. Create a comparison table with columns for different schools and rows for the selected criteria.

Step 4. Assign values between 0 to 5 for each criterion against each school you come across. This will help you evaluate and compare schools effectively.

Step 5. Add up the values for each school and determine the final value to shortlist the top 3 schools that best match your criteria.

For Parents Seeking Preschools and Coaching Classes, Follow the same steps mentioned above to find the best preschools and coaching classes for your child.

For Product Reviews, If you are looking for product reviews, simply search for the specific product brand name or generic name in the search bar.

For Parenting Tips, Advice, Solutions, and Stories, Search for words that define the problems or relevant topics that come to your mind. All articles related to that particular topic will be displayed.

Courses, Consultation, and Webinars, If you’re short on time or need immediate solutions, I offer courses and consultation services. My courses are designed to provide you with the best solutions, school recommendations, and advice without needing a
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