2016 school admission age change

By Madhurie Singh, January 07, 2016

Schools have been given directive by education department in Maharashtra to change the age criteria from this academic year 2016 – 2017.

Till last year (2015) there was utter confusion.

A few schools were considering 2 year 6 months to 3 year 6 months as the lower and upper age criteria. A few were following 3 year to 3 year 11 months as the lower and upper age criteria. 

Atleast most ICSE and state board schools were consistent in following the cut off month to be 30th June.

CBSE schools would follow the 2.5 to 3.5 year range too but they would use the cut off on 31st March.

Now with the sudden directive from the education department, the month has been pushed to 31st July!

Now this is a difficult situation for those children who were rejected admission last year for being too young are now older!

Although if we look at the age criteria on 31st July is a better idea for the children, whether the parents like it or not. I am very happy. 🙂

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Personally I think working parents and many non working ones rush to seek admission for their children into preschools!

Preschools do not have any stringent checks by education department over entry age. So children who are not even ready for playgroup are given admission. So after one year the child who was just 1 year old, goes to Nursery at the age of 2 year. Now this child is not physically or mentally ready to take on the challenges ahead of his or her time. But since the pressure is not much, no one notices the future burden. These babies next year will go to JrKg at the age of 3 year, Senior Kg at the age of 4 year. Obviously at 5 year he/she has to goto Class 1. 

Ideally its really not the right time to start taking on the pressures of class 1, that too if the school is a traditional one!

You just over burdened the child with not the mixing with kids who are 1 full year older but also with the boring pencil and paper work!

So take it as a boon and give your child another year to chill. 



Hello Mam, My son is born in aug-15 , we are shifting back to India in feb18. I want to put him to nursery. Is his age perfect?according to new directive of 30th sept, he will be 3yrs then. Can you please Provide more details about schools offering nursery along with admission procedure And fees structure? We are looking for schools around Pimple Saudagar. Thanks

Hi ma'am.. My son was born on 21st feb 2015... Is it the right age to put him in nursery in june2017...???

I would want you to read my post on "right age for admission" google my name with the quoted words.

Hello Mam, My son's DOB is 3rd Sept 2014. I really don't want to push him for the school (I hope I am not swimming against the current) before he is of right and eligible age. But can you please explain the new directive of the state govt in detail. I think I am confused with different criteria of diff schools. So as per the new directive, should he be at least 3 before 31st July 2017 to be eligible for Nursery school?

at 6 they should be in Grade 1. So when you work backward you should get the right age. Not all schools are following the age criteria as directed by RTE.

Dear Mam, My son's birthdate is 23rd Aug 2014. He will complete his two years on 23rd Aug 2016. But as per govt GR he is falling short of 23 days for two year completion by 31st July 2016. Hence he will loose his entire year just for the sake of 23 days. What can be done for this? Thanks & regards, Sunil

Please my article once again where I mention "will loose entire year" https://madhuriesingh.com/index.php/tag/whats-right-age-for-admission-in-nursery-and-first-standard/

Dear Mam, I read your article and completely agree with you. My elder son took admission in 1st std when he completed his 6th year of age because his birthday is 10th June. (After completion of 2nd year = Play Group, 3rd year = Nursery, 4th year = Lower KG, 5th year = Upper KG, 6th year = 1st std) But I am concerned about my younger child as he is not eligible for Play Group because he is short of 23 days to complete his 2nd year on 31st July 2016. Because his birthdate is 23rd Aug 2014. As per school he should take admission to Play Group next year (2017-2018). Which means he will start his play group after completing his 3rd year and at the age of 4. If that continues then he will go in 1st std after completion of his 7 year and i.e. at the start of age of 8. I think this will waste his one year unnecessarily. I don't understand what to do in this situation because no school is giving admission due to date constraint of 31st July mentioned in Govt GR. I hope i have explained my situation to you and need your help to resolve it. Thanks & regards, Sunil  

Wait for one yr.

Hello mam My sons birth date is 17.6.12 Last year tried bishops for nursery they rejected it for 17 days and now they will say he can go for l kg What can be done ? I have only 2 options bishops undri and Saint Vincent. As per my knowledge Bishops undri will take admissions only at nursery stage I have heard that you are the best person to guide Kindly help ?

SO where is the issue?

Which class he attended last academic yr? Nursery, right?

So now he has to goto Jr Kg or LKg !

Where is the confusion?

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