The best gifts parents can give to their children

By Madhurie Singh, March 26, 2012

“What is it that you dream of my child?”asked the holy one.


“I have few but very specific dreams, the Supreme Power!” I said with my hands folded tightly.

“Sure. Tell me about your specific goals and I will see what all I can give you.” The Supremo announced.

“But is the Supremo not suppose to know what I need?”, I questioned. Can I ever stop questioning?

“Well my dear child, I do know what you want but I want to know if You know what You want.” The smart Supremo said with a smile.

“Ok here I go with my specific goals.” I pulled out a tiny diary from my purse.

“My most important goals actually two of them are at the same level of priority.” I said trying to be clear.

“Number one is that when I retire after 20 years, my invested money should earn same monthly income that I need now minus all expenses which may not occur then but adding all expenses which will occur then.” I said.

The supremo opened his laptop and tapped so fast that I could see the laptop fuming!  “You will need 5.5 lacs per month after 20 years when you retire and you need to invest 60000per month or 1.8lacs per year to complete you first goal!” The supremo announced chewing something.

“Are you chewing pan parag?” I asked without thinking.

“No I will dare not as I get maximum people from India who died premature due to chewing this Pan Parag. Also if I may remind you I am the Supreme One ! “ He answered as coolly as possible.

“Oh I am sorry, I cannot see anyone taking their life in front of my eyes, so out of this habit I asked you.” I was abashed now.

“I know about you, so carry on with your next specific goal my dear.” He was cool.

“My next goal is to save for each of my child enough that they will not have to do a job or work just to meet their ends. I want to ensure that they can think of more important things in life, pursue their passion and work for the betterment of the society with relaxed mind.” I felt relieved even mentioning this goal.

“Hmm but there is a chance that they may become lazy, careless and fritter away all the wealth you have created for them.” He raised a very valid query, which fortunately I had asked myself too.

“I know that can be a possibility O Supremo. But I will safeguard that by putting up legal documents where they will have to be earning on their own at all point of time to be able to enjoy the regular monthly income this wealth will generate for them. I will sit with you again and discuss that but right now I want you to tell me how to first create that wealth.” I was very sure not to let go this opportunity to ask this very important question.

“Ok assuming they will start to generate their own income at the age of 30 years looking at your plans of their studies and internships and giving them a good time to experiment with their life under your guidance, they should need Rs 2.3lacs per month as the most basic amount to be worry-free yet  have a very frugal life. So you have to save an amount of Rs 3.7 crores at the end of 20 years. This figure is for both kids together, so you can divide this amount into two for each one of them so that there is peace in future.” He mentioned as a matter of fact.

“But O Supremo how much will I need to save every month from today to reach that Goal?” I was excited yet not very comfortable hearing such big numbers.

Tap –a- tap …. “ You need to save 43000 per month to reach that goal” He said with a smile.

“Ok I think I am really relaxed to know how much I have save to live a beautiful life today, tomorrow and see my children happily living their life achieving their passionful dream in future.” I really was relieved.

“Now I want to know answers to my question which you very artfully tried to avoid earlier.” The Supremo knows everything!

“Don’t you think you are going to make your kids lazy and just eat away the heard earned wealth you will create and not do anything worthy?”  He again raised the same question.

“Dear Supremo, you very well can read my mind then why do you ask?” I asked.

“Yes I know but sometimes when you discuss your plans with other people who are capable of giving you worthy advice, it helps to iron out any glitch.” He was so true!

“Ok I definitely do not want that my kids do not work and just live off my money. SO as long as I am alive, I can ensure this. Also I will make sure to make it a legal affair by adding clauses that the money is meant to be disbursed only if they are working towards their passion and working hard to reach their dreams. And I will probably form a trust to make sure they respect the value of money which will keep questioning their intentions and monitor their moves. I will think about it and put into action in order to avoid any future confusion. I think a will is what I need too! “

“The whole idea is to let them whole heartedly follow their dreams and passions. Today 90% of the population is sucked into working only to meet their ends and monthly expenses. And when they want to follow their passion, no one funds them, no one backs them and no one believes they can do it. The risk is so high that they rather settle down for a regular job and continue to see their dreams only in their dreams. “

"So I will make them aware of the funds, its purpose and what how it can not be misused. I believe its important to discuss with your spouse and children everything yet kids can be told in instalments based on their maturity, abilitiy to grasp and digest."

“I want that my children move higher up from where I reach in future and not from the bottom of the ladder again and work their life to reach where I am today?”

“What is the use of such parenting if I do not pass on the benefits of my hard work and wealth to push my own children to start their life from the next step above mine? How else will the generation move ahead? How else will the society and the country move ahead? “

“I think we parents have to invest to make the entire nation reach a stage where the effect of compounding national growth can be seen when our kids grow up 20-30 years from now.” I was now in my best oratory mood.

“Bravo my dear bravo!” The Supremo was clapping his hands.

“I wish you regularity of SIPs, knowledge and freedom from loans, debts, lic policies and Ulips. You will definitely reach your goals. ! He vanished when my cellphone rang the alarm tunes.