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By Madhurie Singh, January 16, 2013

This is to inform all the parents and readers of my blog that there are many important links and news items that  I am posting on myFacebook page  that you may miss if you have not seen them.

The information mostly are news links and other educational blog articles that are relevant and add value to your knowledge with respect to your children’s education. Kindly LIKE the Facebook Page here on the Left hand side wall and start getting the updates in your Facebook updates.

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The updates recently were about

  • CBSE board’s changes
  • Right to Education and how parents are making the most of it
  • Career options
  • State board and the many upgradation
  • Various competitions that children can participate
  • The scholarship awards that children can strive for to make the education easy on parents
  • Many extracurricular activities that parents must encourage
  • Books that are must read by parents for the benefit of their children’s knowledge and growth
  • Government rules in the State and Central that is changing the education system in India.

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