A survey -What help parents want from me?

By Madhurie Singh, April 13, 2013

A survey -What help parents want from me?

Yup as simple as it can get.

As you all know I am getting old LOL and going to have another baby !

No no not another sibling for my sons, though they occasionally do mention how it would be having a sister at home!

It’s my new website that I am working on  just to cater to the needs of the all YOU parents.

Now there a quite a few things I know that you need but if you can tell me now I can actually give it to you after 3 months!

I know everyone wants a good, easy navigation on my site, more pictures, newer reviews etc.  are in place.

So I thought let me add a few poll questions to get your polls. If there are no takers, then there is no point wasting my husband’s hard-earned money on it.

Click here or check the left side bar


1. How to instill basic values of patience, compassion, love, sharing etc. in kids? No theories please but pratical instances. 2. How to raise positive and cheerful kids? I know it cannot be covered in one article, but you can a series of it covering everthing. Thanks.

Hi, Kindly post your questions or discussions on http://www.schoolkhojo.com/index.php? thanks

Bithika, I know everyone posts theories but what we really need are examples! Will try.

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