Admission time for DPS, St Mary’s, Vibgyor, Loyolla, Bishops in Pune!!!

By Madhurie Singh, August 14, 2009

Admission time is a big tensionful time for all parents looking to get their kids admitted to the schools of their choice.

I remember the two years I had tried to get information on the internet , from parents in my neighbourhood and from the websites of the schools!

So this is for those parents trying to get dates of the admission for each school. A lot of hardwork has gone into making this information available with surfing the sites to making calls to the school offices. But even after all that hardwork, there is still a chance of the admission dates being changed by the school authorities. 🙂

Delhi Public School (CBSE)

DPS is the first school in Pune to start its admission process. The non refundable fee being Rs 55000/-. So if your really wish to take admission in DPS for your child, be ready with the amount. The dates below are only for Nursery, LKg, Ukg and Ist Std. For classes second onwards please check the sites if any vacancy is available. For other school will be updated … bookmark this post for other school admission details.


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Admission Time for Pawar Public, Millenium, Hutching, Vikhe Patil School Pune

Admission time for DPS, St Mary’s, Vibgyor, Loyolla, Bishops in Pune!!!

Admission Criteria Delhi Public School

Admission Criteria St Marys Girls and Boys

Admission Criteria Bishops Boys, Co-ed, Undhri

Admission Criteria Vibgyor High

Admission Criteria Pawar Public School

Admission Criteria Vikhe Patil Memorial School

Admission Criteria Hutchings High School

Admission Criteria Millenium National School



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Pawar Public School, Pune


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DPS MANAGEMENT is Excellent !!!


DPS PUNE SCHOOL, A Benchmark !!!!!!

Yippy my son got through ST MARY’S SCHOOL Pune, India !

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Hi Madhurie, Great blog! I am moving to Pune in May from Delhi and my child is in Prep and will go to Class 1 in March but he is only 4 years old. His first language is English (he understands Hindi but can't speak Hindi). He is an advanced learner. I'm looking a school in Pune where he can explore his creativity to the fullest. I'm interested to get my child admission for session 2016-17. Do you have any recommendation on school where it will be easy transitions for my child. Background of my child: When he was just 3 months, he spoke first word and on completing his 10 months he started reading, writing and singing English and Spanish alphabet letters and numbers, ASL (American Sign Language) and identifying and writing colors name, shapes, vegetables and fruits name, countries name alphabetically and sang more than 20 rhymes till then. When he was 13 months old he started speaking in English like big guys as his first language is English (not mine). When he was 2 years old he started reading English storybooks and so far he read more than 100 storybooks. He can read any English song lyrics (Karaoke) and sing them as well. In addition, he knows addition, subtraction, tables and more. He knows about space, planets and astronomical objects and their behavior and he can draw their picture with colors. He can sing our national song, national anthem (even he can't speak Hindi) and sing English songs like Let It Go (Frozen), Everything I Do (Bryan Adams) and more. He can write English words and sentences in normal and cursive and can write Hindi Akshar and Swar with good hand writing as well. He understands Hindi little bit but can't speak it. He can draw what he imagines with proper color combination. He can use smartphone, tablet and computer better than a software professional. He has some computer programming skill - using MIT scratch, The Hour of Code ( and others. He is good in football. In fact, I can't write in words whatever he knows and can do. When he was 3, participated in English storybooks reading organized by British Council with special permission because it was for children whose age was 6-9 years and that time my child was just 3 and and no one could compete with him in reading. Any recommendation about DPS Pune, The Bishop School or any other schools? Thanks, Rakesh

Hi Rakesh, Your son is gifted. And the schools you want to know of are for normal children. :) I think, you need to have a consultation where I need to understand your entire future requirements too. Kindly fill Consult Expert Form on Then book a phone call for one hour.


Hi madhurie, I am searching information regarding Bishops school,my son is currently in jk singhania school thane in standard 3 icse board.BUT WE WILL BE MOVING IN TO PUNE NEXT YEAR 2010. Accordinglly we will plan our buying of house,so please tell me about any good icse board school in pune which wiil be equivalent to jk singhania school in thane. Is vidyavalley good? But i don't want my son to eat outside food rigtht from this small age.They are charging higher fees also. what do you thik about bishops? Is the school very strict? please reply

Hi Madhurie, As I am shifting to Pune due to transfer in coming March ' 10. Can you recommend good schools preferably CBSE. My daughter is currently in Third grade and Son in UKG, looking for admission for 4th grade and first grade. We are preferably looking for schools without third language as my Daughter who will be in 4th Grade will have difficulty to pick up the language suddenly. Thanks in advance. Appreciate this site well as it is very informative , still reading and going through the comments posted. with regards Lak

Congrats Gunjan to u and ur son.yes indeed it is such a relief!! Thanks Madhurie for ur wishes and also for all the support thru this website.It really helped me to be more informed and prepared.Keep up the good work!!:-)

The DPS interview results are out.There's a ticker on the home page on the left side.All the best people.My son has got admission so I am ecstatic:-)

Congratulations to all whose made through DPS :)

A big THANKS and congratulations to you too Madhurie for whatever you are doing - it's bearning fruit for others.

Thanks a ton Gunjan, Mouli, Hemi, Awali and all those who have appreciated my endeavor. Keep reading my blogs and bless you all.

So is our kid, Siddhanth! And we are equally ecstatic about it. Finally some peace about months of brain twisting about admissions. - Gunjan

Anyone can tell where would be the link to see the 2010-11 nursery results for DPS on their website? Just want to make share I dont miss it by any chance. -- Gunjan Sahay

Hi Gunjan, The link is suppose to be in the admissions page after 4pm on 3rd Dec 09.

Hi This is great blog. Thanks Madhurie. I am thinking of moving to Pune next year from US when my kids will be entering 5th and 3rd grade. I have read about the boards and so far CBSE is the one that I am inclined to. Do you have any recommendation on school where it will easy transitions for kids brought up in US. Also, my reading tells me that it's very difficult to get admission on the desired school in Pune. Is there a different process for NRIs to apply? Thanks Uma

Yeah I am sure about DPS. They have an NRI quota. Pay Rs 1.5 lac extra if your application is all true and fits in their criteria, you should get thru for your kids. :)

Hi Madhurie, I am not able to get to this post : It says comments are closed and does not show me any old comments. I would like to see your last comment in the forum. Thanks, Praji

Hi Prajip, logout and see if you can view the dps page.

Hi Madhurie, Thanks for your prompt answer. What are my chances of getting admissions next year in DPS, Pune for Prep(KG)? Won't that be subject to vacancies also since all kids admitted in nursery will continue into KG. I spoke to someone called Teresa David in DPS yesterday and she told me we could use the NRI quota and take an admission without being physically present. But, this means an extra 1.5 lakhs. Not sure, if I should wait or pay up. Depends on the chances of getting admission next year directly to KG. Hoping you can help me with the decision. Thanks, Praji

Prajip you query is answered here

Hi Madhurie, I was finding for some information about admissions to schools in Pune and found your blogs. Your blog on the health drink is amazing! We(me and my hubby) are currently on a long term work assignment in US but we are settled in Vimannagar, Pune. We will be coming back in Mar/Apr - 2010. My son is July 2006 born and I wanted to get him admitted for nursery in DPS, Pune. I got some good reviews about DPS, Pune from my neighbors and friends in Pune and of course your blog helped. It is not possible for us to go through their regular admission process. I was wondering what are the chances of getting admissions mid-session. Will there be vacancies? Thanks in Advance, Praji

Praip, thanks , I am planning many more such comparative analysis of kids product once admission time is over... Frankly very less chance of getting admission mid term. I doubt after march there would be any seat in DPS classes. I guess u will have to take admissions in another school till next year admission time.

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Ouch ! Is that so! Ok I think time to tinker the database a bit. :) Hope I can manage server and database soon. Mean while you can try logging off and login again to post a forum post. Thanks for mentioning the bug.

Excellent articles on your blog ..keep writing!! .. It is good to share the information with others as it helps a lot. I would encourage if others do the same who might be visiting the schools for their kids admissions. I am also searching for good schools for my daughter 4.8 years old in Pune. DPS looks promising, but their site says to check in March-10 for vacancy for 1st std :( ... The main issue with all the schools admission is deposit which is non-refundable it makes tough to wait for good schools. So need to make alternate arrangements alwyas. Will be attending your seminar ..again great idea and efforts to connect with your readers. cheers Sandeep

[...] Admission-time-for-DPS-St-Mary’s, Vibgyor, Loyolla, Bishops in Pune [...]

Hello Madhurie and everyone, I read about this blog in today's DNA newspaper and hopped on; I must say the information and interactions contained here and impressive. Great idea and initiative to get this going! I notice the name of Sapling Nursery ( on Baner Road missing so far, so thought I'd recommend it positively. It's only for pre-school (nursery through UKG) but the teaching style is commendable, which includes montessori sessions on certain days. My son has been there since last year and if I continue to live in this area, I intend to have my son "graduate" from this pre-school :-) Thanks, Sajid.

Hi Sajid, Thank you for reading and appreciation :). I live in Kalyani Nagar, so obviously my initial need was to locate schools near my house. But yes, I now will slowly get to other areas too. Since I am a full time mother of two kids, managing time with their needs, my blogging and my other part time work which include guest professor at an MBA college, Self Defense workshop for corporates and many other stuff .:) I prioritize my work and attend to important or urgent ones first. :D I will definitely visit Sapling Nursery next month as there are other schools too which need to be reviewed here for the benefit of people living in those areas. I like this concept of mixing montessori with traditional teaching methodologies. Improves and inculcated value system early in kids which is the need of the schools now! I will contact you next month for the visit. tk care

Dear all, I checked out Pawar Public school today and Vibgyor again. I loved Pawar Public School. The school is huge and is located in the best location within AMANORA PARK. I will write a review on my observation soon. Keep checking the site for PAWAR PUBLIC school admission details.

HI Madhurie!! Firstly Thanks again for this extremely useful blog and your prompt reply. If You remember i had mailed you earlier too. When should i visit Pune for the admission forms for class V1. Im really keen on St Marys and St bishops.Let me know the the suitable time. Thanks :) MM.

Hi Mitra, Yes I re read your mail. :) Well for higher classes in ST Mary's you will have to come by after March 2010. All higher classes admissions are taken care of only in the last quarter as that's when the schools come to know of the number of kids who will be leaving the school. I will remember to ask this question also when I goto St Mary's.

Thanks do these schools start their sessions in June??? Manali

Yes Manali, in Pune, all schools new session starts in June first week. Except DPS, which starts in March to mid April , then summer break for 45 days.

Dear Madhuri, Thanks for your immediate reply. I am basically looking for a school where in the montessori style of education is followed for lower kg's. (teaching many things in play way). And also the child should get some sort of personal attention from the teacher. I am open for any board. Can you suggest some schools where there are chances of getting admission in UKG. Await your reply.

Dear Usha, In India people still do not know the difference or rather importance of Montessori school. There is a confusion and people pass off all playschool as Montessori and will not hesitate to even name their schools with the word Montessori. Very few are aware that it was started by Dr Maria Montessori and has special teaching methodologies. I am aware only one good school called Rainbow Montessori. . idharth Apartment, 24 Bhosale Nagar Pune 411 007 India Phone : (20) 2553-0324 (20) 2553-8481 St Mary's is the only school for Boys that takes admission in UKg. Others I guess only if someone gets transferred.

Dear Madhuri, Can you suggest any other school in and around these places where in a child can get some personal attention from the teacher. My daughter is currently studying in Bal Bharati Public school in kharghar, it is a wonderful school with good infrastructure and each class has only 25 to 30 pupils. As she got accustomed to that kind of attention from the teacher, it would be very difficult for her to adjust in a mob.... And i am looking for CBSE Board only. Pls suggets....

Hi Usha, The only CBSE school I love is DPS. There is Gurukul Express near ESquare, which is CBSE board. They run day boarding school 8:30am to 5:00 pm with food and sleep. My friend's two daughters go there are they all seem to be extremely happy. :) The school has train coaches in which the classes and labs are run! I loved the concept and the environment. The fee is arounf 2800/- month inclusive of all. BUT the space in the school for play area is very small. Infact that is one biggest drawback. They do not have spacious football or basketball ground. After looking at DPS and St Mary's and even Bishops, I feel sad that Gurukul has not tried to get a good playground. Also the fact that it has to keep kids up till 5 :00 pm, it's becomes even more mandatory. My recommendation will be only DPS for CBSE. ( There was an offer from a great school of Delhi to start their branch here in Pune, maybe I might :P) DPS has 35 students per class. Sorry but I will not reco any other school in CBSE.

Dear Madhuri, thank you so much for such an informative bolg. We will be shifting very soon to Pune from Mumbai, my daughter would be going to UKG in 2009- 2010 academic year. I am looking for schools in and around Kalyani nagar/vishranthwadi/Pune Railway station. What are the chances of she getting an admission in any of the reputed schools around this place. I had my ground work done by talking to few parents whom i know from these places i have got a negative feedback from most of them. Pls let me know your opinion on the same.

Hi Madhuri, I have been reading your blogs for a while now and you rightfully deserve an applause for the reviews posted here. I have a 3yrs 8mth old son going to kiderbrook at the moment.i will be seeking admission in DPS for next year.Please do count me in for the seminar when you conduct it. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. Regards, Mouli

Hi Madhuri, I must say your blogs are simply wonderful and demonstrate a great degree of warmth. Thank you for these write-ups. I know you have two very sweet boys, so not sure if you keep track of only girls schools, but I will ask any way. We are coming back to India early next year (April) from London and am looking for a school for my daughter (she would be six years old and hence would go to std 1). We know of St.Mary's and that's our first preference. Would you know what other schools are worth looking at? - our preference is all-girls. thanks very much once again - wish i could meet you sometime when we are in Pune. Mithu

Hi Madhuri, I am a new entrant as a reader to your blogs. And instantly I started getting infected by them :-). It has become a kind of daily dose for me :-). As a Mom of 2.5 year old son, I am also going through the phase of good school hunting and losing my sleep over it. For past couple of years we were in US and have returned just a month ago (amidst of the Swine Flu phase). I have read your reviews on the CBSE/ICSE school. We are currently staying at Pimple Saudagar( the software slum area, both me and my hubby are into S/W industry). Currently I have taken an extended leave to sort out the school issue and set up the new apartment. Would like youradvice on schools and daycare centers around Aundh/Aundh Annex/Wakad/Baner/Pashan area. We are utterly confused with all these new Internation schools around the area. Waiting for your response.

Dear Amrita Have you tried checking out Vidya Valley. It's an excellent school. If I were close to that place I would have chosen this school. Also the principal of that school is the most dynamic and promising one. You can try Rainbow Montessori for playschool, it will be like a boon to your child. :)

Hmmm, as per St.Mary's website, the boys seems to have school on Saturdays too. Here is the link which says that: What about all 3 Bishops school? Their website mentions the school timings, but does not say whether the school runs from Mon-Fri or from Mon-Sat. Will it be possible for you to find out? Appreciate your help. Kshama

Thanks for your feedback, it is very valuable to us in making a decision for picking the school. Quick question, is St. Mary's a 6 day school for boys? Looks like their girls section is 5 days...that's what I gathered from their website. Please confirm. I look forward to getting your inputs on Gurukul. Thanks!

Thanks a lot for your prompt response. We will be moving in Oct 2009, which is 3 months after all schools have started. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul & Vibgyor High are the only 2 schools that have confirmed admission available in 5th grade at that time. In our last visit to Pune, while we were impressed by Vibgyor high's curriculum (we would prefer ICSE as opposed to IGCSE), their sports infrastructure wasn't very appealing. We haven't visited MIT Gurukul, but from their website, even though they follow IGCSE, their program seems to be more balanced & infrastructure looks just awesome. Do you know any parents whose kids go to Vibgyor high? Any feedback on the quality of their teachers? Any help would be highly appreciated!! Thanks again.

Magarpatta city itself is a posh and sought after residential township. Amanora is also another great township opposite Magarpatta. Spring Estate is also a good project for residential purpose. As far as the school is concerned, I am keen to know your logic behind selecting MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul. I will be doing a round of all international schools too once I am through with the schools which have admissions in november 2009. Keep a track of this page for more updates. And thanks for reading. :)

I loved reading your blog. We may be relocating to Pune from US in mid Oct with my son going to 5th grade. We are considering MIT's Vishwashanti Gurukul for his school. After scouting the web, we did not find any information/feedback about this school. Would appreciate if you could provide any insights on how the school is. It is located about 15 kms from Magarpatta city. Would you be knowing which residential complexes are nearest to school? Thanks in advance!

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