After 10th school or college?

By Madhurie Singh, June 29, 2012

Are you a parent with one of your kids' just got the 10th std result? My sympathies for you if you were not prepared earlier.

Preparedness of a parent is more important than the preparedness of the kids.

Kids at this age are very young and confused as to where their heart, mind, intelligence and interest lies. They seem to be dabbling on everything. They are easily ready to do what their friends are doing. Join courses and colleges that their best friend is joining. The idea for them is too new and all they want is to have fun. Very few kids really know what they want to pursue and where?

So again back to you. As a parent you must be ready to assess as early as possible your child's:

  • Aptitude / Intelligence – What subjects your child seem to handle by the back hand. Anything which is easily grasped by the child in the first attempt is the child's intelligence area of being born with. So you can partially be patted for that for passing that genes. Intelligence in a subject does not ensure interest. The child may rattle of maths problems but just does not like doing them.
  • Body / Personality – If the child is shy and introvert, there are several career and courses for tour child where excellence is for sure. But if you try to coax your introvert shild into taking up a course that needs meeting people and gviving voracious presentations and networking then you are sadly mistaken. Body parts also determine the ability to take a career or not.
  • Interest –  What areas of academic studies actually inerests your child? What are the subjects your kid can answer even without you coaxing or the subjects where the marks have never been a problem.
  • Happiness – This one is my favorite and I go by this factor. But for understanding the happiness of your child, you must be a very good observant. You should have the ability to differentiate between the true happiness and the fake ones just to please you :).

I call these as ABHI kyun test. 🙂

All the factors in A B H I needs to be well understoof by the parent to guide the child into taking up the right course and career path.

After knowing where a child's each of the above factors lies then you or a career counselor has to choose the best fitting career for your child.

Fine tuning is required all the time as newer and focussed career options are coming up every year. 

To do the test kindly email on [email protected].

Hello Madhurie, Your ABHI kyu test is worth helpful to find best in children. It can give of idea what they are interested in and where to place them to have a bright future of children.

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