Are you guilty of instilling Math fear in you child?

By Madhurie Singh, February 29, 2016

Unconsciously, many parents may be instilling the fear of Math in the minds of their kids. Not that you want to do it but it's normally done without you being aware of it at all.

Let's say, you were not so great in Math. So when your child asks you a basic Math question, you might say something not so encouraging about the equation between Math and you. Example "Oh, this is the subject I always feared in school!" or "I was so poor in Math that I would barely pass!" 

You have done a very big blunder in a very silent way that will affect your child drastically if he/she is not so good in grasping Math.

So instead, be encouraging and ever learning whenever your child comes up to you for Math help.

You may say "Wow, you are already learning this great Math fundamental which will help you so much when you grow up. Let's learn to solve it together!"

Try to Google and quickly understand the basics before starting to teach your child.

Watch this video and see what not to say and how to tackle Math related questions from your children.

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