Are you killing the mosquitoes or your child's creativity !

By Madhurie Singh, December 21, 2011


Sometimes kids create new games. Why sometimes, infact if we do not force them to play our way they will always come up with new games.

Last night I witnessed the same when after hearing murmuring from the kids’ room when they should be fast asleep. As I was about to switch on the light, I heard my older son say a few lines of a story. I thought of waiting to hear more without they know of my presence. In a few seconds the younger one picked the story after a pause and continued in his way. And before I could even understand what he was saying, the older one started the story from where the younger one had left.

That was a bit too much with so much giggling and I was not able to get the whole relay of the story telling, I switched on the light.

Both started laughing loudly, thinking I was also now part of their story telling game.

So they made me understand how this story relay worked.

Listen carefully.

When the light is switched off, the older son starts any story. Suddenly a mosquito buzzes in younger one’s ears and he picks the relay baton of the story to narrate it in his style. In the midst if the mosquito leaves and buzzes in older son’s ears, then he had to tell the story …

And as it happens, the older one has warmer body temperature than my younger son, mosquitoes buzz him most and he is becoming the story teller of the family J.

Never knew a mosquito can entertain too!

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