Are you sucking your own blood or allowing someone else ?

By Madhurie Singh, May 13, 2013

Sucking  …  Blood  ..! My my what am I going to write on a parenting and school review site that involves blood sucking?

Well you will understand as you read this story that I had read somewhere on Facebook. And I really loved it. Infact I implemented it too in my own life.

The story goes like this…

beautiful life

There was a dog who was really bored that his master was not giving him anything interesting to eat. All it got to eat was chicken, roti, mutton and egg!

One day he was walking alongside his master in a park when he saw a large bone lying around near a garbage bin. He sneaked swiftly and caught that bone in his mouth. Tugging his face down, he walked very decently next to his master until they reached their home.

Before he went inside the house, he hid the bone near the hedge of the boundary wall.

Next morning when his master left for his work, the dog shot out and brought his bone out of the hiding place. He started to suck on it and chew on it. He was very disappointed that there was nothing so interesting in sucking a bone that all other dogs bragged about. But he did not give up in the hope of getting that magical thing out of chewing and gnawing a bone!

Slowly the dog chewed more and harder, not willing to let go. He had started to bleed from his gums when he suddenly tasted blood! Yippee!  This is awesome! There is blood in this bone too!  The more he gnawed and chewed, the more his gums bled, the more he loved the taste of the blood.  The dog stopped eating his morning meals and instead would only chew the bone, till the master came back home.

It was not very long when he started to skip the evening meal too as the ecstasy of sucking blood was too much to eat the bland food served by his loving master.

Slowly his body started loosing the vital fluid. He became weak and thin. He was unable to walk around. His master realized that his pet dog was looking really ill. He took him to the veterinary clinic. The vet there told the master that his dog was undernourished and not fed enough.

The master was very upset and took leave from his work for a week. He would try to feed the dog, coax him to eat. But somehow the dog just did not understand anything. He did not let go of the bone and continued to suck his own blood, living in oblivion, until he died one day!”

We are all dogs when it comes to a bone that we get too attracted to and start sucking on our own blood, not realizing the long term effect of the bone in our lives.

In my case the bone was a set of people I was caught with where I would uselessly waste hours and hours doing nothing productive. It seemed as the life was this group and there was nothing better that could have happened to me. But slowly I was sucking my own blood by wasting time and discussing useless and nonsense things which was dragging me down in my own eyes. And then one day my savior, my children told me that I was spending more time talking to that group than with them. It was a shock to me. I was hit by the reality. I realized the bone in my life and how I was sucking my own blood, in the name of fake pleasure.

I broke away from the group. Took the decision to dedicate my time to my kids and my new venture for the passion of my life. It was painful but that is a natural feeling and happens with all relationships. Similarly was my hubby’s decision of chucking the bone in his life , his cigarettes that were  sucking his blood, literally.

Find out what is the bone in your life that is sucking blood out of your life and take the bold step to chuck it away. Accept the pains in the process as one more step away from the bone and live a fruitful and happy life.

Bones in your lives are addictions that may be alcohol, smoking cigarettes, playing cards,  bitching, over socializing, under socializing, working overtime, over eating, over exercising, not exercising, too much travelling, too hard on yourself, under confident etc. etc. etc.


Hi Hiren My new forum is up. If you want to ask new questions or start any discussion it will be great. I really want to see you on forum to start a new discussion or answer to someone's questions.

My new forum is up. If you want to ask new questions or start any discussion it will be great. I really want to see you on forum to start a new discussion or answer to someone's questions.

Thanks Seema

That was kind of an eye opener..thnx for sharing.

Welcome dear.

Wow! hates off to you Ma'm....too good to introspect. Thanks a ton for sharing.

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