As predicted ISC board changing to CBSE board

By Madhurie Singh, June 08, 2016

As I have been repeatedly telling parents that very soon all national and state boards in India will follow NCERT curriculum in a few years seem to have come true rather sooner than expected.

The ISC board has announed that this board will now follow NCERT books in class 11 and 12 from 2016 onwards.

The change is welcome though the reason as predicted is also true.

I had mentioned that ISC will be forced to change when there will be an exodus to CBSE schools. Not because they really cared for the welfare of the students.

The real reason was voiced by the head of the ISC board that most class 11 students were leaving ISC schools to join CBSE schools. Hence the panicked schools requested the board to make this change.

The Math and Science subjects are realigned to look the same as CBSE. English will remain as it is. Now that can be an issue still for many students who will have to compete against easier version of English in CBSE which definitely affects the scores when best 4 subject marks will be considered. Colleges in Delhi University compulsorily wants English marks to be included.

Now a lot parents will be  relieved that they need not look for admission in CBSE school for their children after class 10.





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