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By Madhurie Singh, December 12, 2014

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I am Abhay Naik, looking to start an initiative in education domain. I have 11+ years of experience in software development and have been working in education domain for almost 2 years now. Here is my LinkedIn profile. I have seen your work on your blogs (madhuriesingh),(schoolkhojo) and I must say its truely impressive what you have achieved through all those years. I am building a web/mobile enabled forum which will enable people to ask any questions about institution(s), career or clarify doubts related to education. Other than that, this platform will provide following features which you may be able to use directly: 1. Mobile app that will alert you for questions with specific terms (which you can customize to your interest) are posted. 2. Interested people will be able to schedule a phone/one-on-one meeting with you directly from this website for the fee you customize. We will setup this payment gateway, so you don't need to worry about it. You will be alerted on your app for all your appointments. 3. You will be able to customize your schedule for free time from the app. I believe these services will help you: 1. Increase reach to people, will ultimately grow your business. 2. Build upon your niche and focus on it without the chatter around. The ultimate objective of this forum is to bring highly focused and motivated consultants from various fields related to education to channel thier thoughts, energy in right direction so it ultimately benifits people in need. This site will be free for basic use (posting questions and answers) and will always remain ads free. I am planning to charge Rs. 500/year and then Rs.50/transaction for every consultant joining this initiative for services like payment gateway, scheduling appointment and app. This is to keep business running, services legit and only attract serious consultants. As this is a new initiative we will start with offering 6 months trial account. I had following questions for you: 1. Would you like to be part of this initiative? 2. What other services would you feel may be really useful for consultants? 3. What do you think of the fee structure? Is it apt, less or more? 4. Would you help us spread the word once it starts. I tried keeping this short, but would like to discuss more details if interested. Have a nice day.

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