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By Madhuri Singh, June 30, 2023

Hi Dear Parent,

This post is for Parents like you who are seeking information, reviews, views, and data about best boards, best school in Pune school admission process, reviews of good products, and practical parenting advice.

I have been writing, reviewing and researching schools, preschools, coaching classes and products for children since 2006. I seem to have the knack of looking at the website of a school and tell if they are honest or genuine or over creative. One look at the comments and reviews left by the parents on any website, I can tell if its a paid review or a genuine review by a real parent.

Ask Questions – School Admission and Best Schools in Pune?

It’s all thanks to the fact is that my children have been through 10 schools in all boards of education India offers. They have been to such varied schools that range from All boys to Co-ed, from Single person owned schools to a chain of Corporate schools, from Missionary to Public schools, and From high-end to other end types of schools and preschools. So to cut the story short, I am the best person to answer any and all questions related to schools, admissions, and the stories that parents keep sharing with me and I am so grateful to them.

I thank the parents who share how their time and money were saved by attending my consult. Then there are those parents who really were fearful and stressed out due to overthinking and over-researching. They have become my parenting course clients and are now like a family to me. But the best ones are those who treat me like a celebrity. They just keep coming to me to feel good and proud of the association. I feel so blessed that I could be of any help to parents. As my only objective is to ensure, you should make an informed decision and do not regret jumping into a long-term commitment.

Having raised two successful sons, I think I have the perfect recipe for successful parenting. More so because I was chosen one in pretty much every angle of parenting barring the tragic ones (thank you, Hanuman Ji). So from sharing wisdom about infertility treatment, to complicated and happy ending full terms of pregnancy, to opting to choose cesarean over normal delivery, to raising sons without full-time help, to giving up a corporate career to be a work-from-home entrepreneur, from going through crappy schools to fabulous schools and finally seeing my children managing their career independently and happily is like perfect examples of parenting two personalities. 🙂

So if you have questions, doubts, feedback, views, and reviews, comment below and I will find a solution sooner or later, to the best of my abilities.

How to comment/ask Madhurie Singh?

Remember your goal should be to find the Right Answer that is Genuine and Honest so that your child does not lose a year because you are delayed in getting the answer. I have seen parents take 6 months to 1 year in making up their minds to book a consult with me. They end up wasting one year or sometimes 50 -70 thousand as a nonrefundable admission fee and then come to me for my advice.

You should be specific about the questions that you wish to get a specific answer. If possible read about the boards, types of schools, and reviews of schools already written by me. If you do not find answers to your questions, then you are most welcome to ask me a question here. If I know the answer, I will definitely reply. Sometimes questions are vague or need several inputs before concluding with one single-word answer. Those may be difficult to answer in the comments and will require you to either book a phone consult or book an online course.

Hi Madhuri Ma'am Am transferred from Chennai to Pune. My son is in ICSE in Chennai. Here enquired bishop and pawar but no admission thee. Hence am going to settle down with CBSE. Have shortlisted HDFC Hadapsar and sanskriti Wagholi. Kindly suggest which to go with

Hi Madhuri Mam, My sons is in LKG currently in Kalyani school Pune . He joined in LKG mid term . He was in little millenium school before joining kalyani school . The reason behind choosing kalyani school was - 3km distance from where we stay - Big Infrastructure We did applied for DPS Pune , Reason because DPS has started following NEP and as per the age criteria my son would be going to nursery .Son date of birth is - 22nd July 2019. Another reason of applying for DPS is I really liked the Vibes , I registered for Pre-admission school visit . Also it's more than 20 years old school with very strong academic record as I could see from there results . Our DPS introduction session went quite well , hopefully admission will be offered . I have gone through your detailed review on DPS Pune ... Liked it . One suggestion is that it's of 2009. In case possible if you can post latest review would be great . We stay in a rented place so can easily shift to Near by DPS in case opted. Would like to know your thoughts in switching from Kalyani to DPS

Hi Soumya, If you are unhappy with Kalyani, you can choose to swithc to DPS or any other school. If you wish to book a phone consult, click this link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf7yesFE3R8dV1BtXfI3Dq-yla6r46-ZDclFwnB3OhWOj5YDw/viewform

Hi, I am looking for good CBSE schools near Kondhwa, Undri, NIBM or Fatima Nagar Pune for upcoming year. Could you please suggest any good CBSE school name near by mentioned localities? I can consider schools in Hadapsar or Mundhwa side as well? Thanks in advance.

This is Anitha again. I was keep on searching for physical schools . ,”colours innovation academy “school attracted me .when I searched for reviews I couldn’t find any I’m surprised.Infact none has recommended Colours school in any comments .Im wondering why.would like to know honest feedback about this school .planning to visit this school by next week meanwhile thought of asking your suggestion as well .

Agree. Most parents do not like to write reviews as they fear that the reviews may affect their child's wellbeing of the teachers or school reads the review. :). Although many parents do share their reviews with me in the phone consultation which is never revealed to anyone else. I will try to write a review about the school soon. If you are in urgent need of reviews then you may want to book my phone consult. https://madhuriesingh.com/phone-consultation/ take care Madhurie Singh

Hi sorry for voilàting the rules. I put my son in 21k online school.(we weren’t sure about working location hence decided 21k)now we shifted pune and staying in MAGARPATTA.Therefore I started searching for schools nearby . Im quite surprised to see the fee structure of all schools I enquired,Some schools are asking for non-refundable deposit (I don’t know why) some schools are providing lunch and it’s a mandatory to take lunch only from school which I don’t prefer. So far 21k is good,personally Im satisfied with 21k but I’m not sure will this online workout for longer run .Im confused.How to come to a conclusion of which is best?online or offline? Kindly suggest!Thank you.

Hi Anitha, As long as you are satisfied with the online classes and you can visibly see progress in your child, no worries. Coming to the non refundable fees. These are like a detterant to wandering parents. A high fee getting lost may make you think twice before changing school. So yes, all offline schools have non refundable fee. But it should not be a reason to seek admission. Like I have changed nearly 10 schools within pune in different boards and types of schools without worrying about the fee i would be losing in the process. Cuz what mattered more is good school and happy kids. Regards Madhurie Singh Founder Madhuriesingh.com Pune Parents Group For school consultations write to [email protected]

Thank you so much ! I understand the reason behind,”non refundable deposits “.kid is so far happy and I’m satisfied as well.Thank you again for your input.

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