Baby Einstein for brain activity !!!!!

By Madhurie Singh, July 22, 2009



Its 12:30 pm, I have a meeting that is unavoidable and time bound hence cannot be postponed!
My kids already back from summer camp! All energetic and want my 100% attention like always!
SO the best I cud manage is keep the meeting at my house…..don’t like it much (Interruption …kids…phone…maids….door …friends….uff !) But beggars can’t be choosers! …So Multiprocessing is already happening… All are set to work that will leave me undisturbed for 2 hours!(…as if…in my dream huh! ) …………Meeting over, only 2 calls, and one interruption from my elder child to change over from MSEB to Generator …..that’s some achievement …!!!!!

Am I glad? No I am mighty pleased with my POA (plan of action) and its success !
Now the secret of keeping kids silent…not into Mahabharata mode….not into want attention…plus getting them creatively informed in my absence …. it had better be something I completely trust with my kids….( maids ….no way….can’t trust them…not even day care…)
I was looking for something on when I happened to discover this amazing stuff that changed my life pleasantly and brought a lot of peace to my maternal questioning , precisely 5 years back in Mumbai !
It’s called BABY EINSTIEN! A set of educational CDs / DVDs / VCRs. These one hours videos can manage to keep my kids singing , repeating after the voice over, dancing, learning..not fighting,….what a boon for any mother …!Baby Einstein was conceived by a mother who could not find appropriate educational videos in the US market !

There are videos for age 0 months upto 18 months….but to tell you the truth my kids 5 yrs and 3.5yrs they still love to watch….(subjects like planets, animals, shapes , words …still very exciting… )
For the infants there are music videos that keeps their attention for 30 min ….Baby Bach is what I bought first …Its full of captivating music a combination of (Mozart, Beethoven…) and capturing colorful toys, puppets, kids, animals, birds, flowers…. Next I bought Baby Van Gough which teaches colors through a blue goat named.. “Van Goat” !…where the crayons are dancing and holding hands , drawing oranges and fishes…! Baby Newton was the next, which teaches shapes through a clown made of shapes that keep tumbling down …..

The duration varies from 30 minutes to one hour and guaranteed to keep the attention of the kids…. The end result after one hour …..still energetic but informed kids…..asking you more questions about shapes, colors, animals etc etc… and feel proud is the bonus …u cannot ignore !

I have now managed to buy Baby Galileo (planets), Baby Einstein World Animals, Baby Neptune Discovering Water World, and Neighborhood Animals. I can swear by god the incremental growth in the vocabulary and queries from my kids with respect to each topic that these videos take up…

I have placed order for Baby Shakespeare World of Poetry and Baby Einstein Language Nursery. You can place order through their web site The website itself is a pleasure to explore….and self explanatory. You can choose videos appropriate for your child based on age category or any other topic that you are interested for your child.

I personally prefer shopping through Amazon .com as it allows me to read the review of the product along with comparative analysis of competitor products. Another not to be ignored reason of Amazon is the used products on sale which are sold at peanuts at times ! Try Friday sale on Amazon for your marked to buy thingy. Ok I better stop …before it evolves into a review of the….

Now for the second most important factor to buy these Baby Einstein the cost.. Mind you moms ! Its not cheap stuff, when you pay peanuts you only invite monkeys…right ? So in my opinion when you are saving 60 mins of your busy schedule , when your child is learning with all the fun that you can imagine and when your kids are right in front of your eyes ……and not to mention the usage of these videos is minimum 5 years….. I think it’s a bargain buy… for even $ 10 /-(avg) new ones and used ones @ $ 5-6 / –

There will be transportation / delivery charges too which need to be considered. Hence best is to buy in bulk….or when offers are running on any sites.

SO in conclusion, if you really don’t have time and yet don’t want to be poked with those guilty bayonets! Go get these videos …..give your kid a world of colorful, cheerful, mind stirring learning…..which has been developed with a lot of mindful research….

I know I would have by now managed to stir all you ever so agile readers who want to jump up and write not on the product and definitely not on the review, but ….on the unsaid ….the dread of all parents….making your child watch TV for hours….its effects on eyes…on concentration …on long term repercussions…on lot more than I can count here….

Well…my only advice to all such questions….everything in moderation is a parent’s duty….We all know how to control our kids….and NOT let them control us…….Similarly we all ought to know how to control the usage of these TV /internet related stuff and be controlled by them… AS parents we should know when to tether whom, be it kids or be it TV…..

SO my dear darling parents of those over energetic kids, try out one of these videos to believe me and trust me you can thank me later how much ever you want…

Dear Madhuri, Thanks alot. it is very insightful experience which you are sharing with us.It is true that we should creat open space for our children to clariry their doubts with patience not scolding. i learnt a lot while reading. once again thanks. best regards bhagya

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