Bed wetting is not a crime

By Madhurie Singh, July 14, 2012

I was shocked to read the news of a 10 yr old girl forced to drink her urine as a punishment for bed wetting!

My Gosh!

Imangine the atrocities of the hostel warden of Vishwa Bharti University ! The warden Uma Poddar claims that she did that in order to stop the habit of bed wetting by the girl and has no remorse for her act!

I am speechless!

This kind of atrocities only shows misuse of power that comes in any position where your performance and acts are un-checked and no action is taken for mistakes done by the culprits at post.

When does this kind of heneious crime takes action.:

  • When the parents trust their teachers, school authorities and others more than their own kids.
  • When the parents keep a blind eye to the exisiting problems of their kids and think it will go away with time and take no action.
  • When the parents confide the problems into someone else and assume their problem is solved.
  • When the culprits in this case the warden, starts to think she has no one to answer and can get away with any atrocities.
  • When the culprit starts to misuse the responsibilities and turns them into power game.
  • When the children fail to object / refuse to obey / talk to parents because they are scared or their parents do not listen to them or when the communication bridge between parents and kids is not strong.

I do not know what would be the fate of the teacher and frankly I do not care.

I do care about the punishement given to the warden as an example for rest of the future culprits in the country.

I do care about the children with such and many other problems where they are ashamed or scared to talk or take help.

Well the first step is mine and your!

Start to discuss this post and case with your kids however small they are.

Use this as a ice-breaker and find out from your child about their fears and any thing that YOU can help them without judging them.

I have every month a day when I talk to my kids which is called Talk Time.

I ask them about any problem, any thing they have heard that is worth lending my ears to. I do not judge them that time. I only listen and ask more and more. Sometimes use their inputs and make stories to solve their problems without ordering , sometimes asking them at the end of the story what would they do in the place of the character.

Mostly they are very frank and tell me ever.

Now how to tackel bed wetting;

  • If the problem is not psychological these will work.
  • Give water to the child an hour before bedtime.
  • Make the child goto the toilet just before going to the bed. In case you forgot, wake the child to goto the loo.
  • Keep the room normal temperature. As the hours goes by the night temperature falls and makes the body react to the temperature change by eliminating water to keep the body warm. So keep the room warm to begin with.
  • Check with doctors if these tips do not work.


Very nice article and very true too.Parents, if you all can get a copy of "No-cry" parenting series by Elizabeth Pantley, read it esp about potty training and also others.She mentions about a boy who was forced to sleep on the bed he wet at night and they used to display his wet underpants/clothes and make fun of it.The bed-wetting stopped but the boy doesnt get enough sleep anymore!!!!!! and when the author mentioned about the boy he was 13 yrs of age!!!!!!!!!!!!! He dint like to socialize either!!

Thanks Shipla for the name of the book. Will try to read when I find it.

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