Best, Fast and most Nutritious breakfast food for children

By Madhurie Singh, March 23, 2012

Like all moms I too have my days when I am late for everything! Latenight work, movie, fun or a chat with the spouse or kids can be the reason but its me who has to wake up come what may!

But I don’t :). Yes you read it right. If I am not well or very sleepy  I better take the day off for the kids and have fun family time with them. But too many bunking can become a habit. So when its really late and there is no time to make breakfast I really do not panic. Why, because I have a few things always ready for such emergency mornings. I call them thank God breakfast!

But knowing me trust me a lot of research has gone into the entire planning and only then I am willing to serve to my babies and share with you all.

My favorite:

Green, ripe bananas are nearly every morning’s tall tale. Make sure to buy these in dozens where half are not so ripe and half just ripe. Over-ripe bananas are really not appetizing.

If you have apples in fridge, take them out at night to keep them at room temperature.

Many a times they get bored of eating bananas and apples. That‘s when I chop them into big bites (finishes faster) and spread Nutella or Peanut butter on the bites. There you can see them smiling back with the goodness of fruits and chocolate with nuts.

One apple is enough for the tiny tummies.

Kids generally have now gotten bored of all cereals with milk.

But it is not necessary to always give milk. A substitute of milk can be given like Ice-cream. It has loads of carbohydrate and milk protein which is perfect for breaking the fast and keeping the tiny tots going. And you will not hear a word from them while they eat their breakfast.

Another breakfast kid’s love is any chocolate bar! Yes you heard it right! Chocolate has high Omega 12 for super brain activity, loads of sugary carbohydrate. If it has nuts then you need not worry at all.

Another favorite is homemade cake.  Make for a week and see the smiling face of kids every morning. Best way to make them eat those nuts and fruits that normally they would not eat. I also make carrot, pumpkin, banana and apple cakes along with chocolate to make the cake rich for breakfast.

Keep a stack of marie or tiger biscuits. Sometimes I spread Nutella on the Marie biscuit to change the mood of the food. Sometimes my kids like to dip their biscuits into my tea, which is ok occasionally.

Sometimes mixing banana or strawberries or mangoes in milk and making a shake out of it is all I do to see them smile.

Another my favorite though not much preferred by kids are a mix of nuts and khajoor (dates).  

A qucik french toast is my personal favorite. 

Pizzas are my kids’ favorite and mine too as it is the simplest way to get the kids to come and hug me ! Even if I do not have the base, bread slices replace them. Spread a bit of ketchup, sprinkle with cheese and switch on the microwave griller for 4 min and done while kids wear their uniforms.

The usuals which I really love but they take too much time like eggs, bread toasts, dosa, milk  and halwa poori are for mornings when we have ample of time.


Now many a times making the snack and lunch boxes are also at jeopardy. Everything from the above list except liquid can be packed.

Frankly there is nothing called as junk food! Yes you heard it right.

My next post  would be on why a food is labeled as junk food.  So till then happy snacking and packing.


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Any brand Smita as chocolates are branded

Hi Madhurie, U mentioned chocolate Bar here, will u please add product name or company names for chocolate bar?

My daughter is a big fan of cheese grilled toast...and is easy to make as well. Her B/F comprise mainly of milk chochos or flavored corn flakes (Strawberry/ mango/honey/ make it more healthy I just add a spoon of Almond Oil as she doesnt like raw almonds. I feel that Im little blessed right now as I need not worry abt her tiffin as wholesome meal/snacks/ fruits are provided by School...after that she goes to again in lunch eating chapati/rice/ dal/ subji/salad is compulsory & milk and fruits in the eve is thr agn. Actually she is fed certain veggies which I may never make at home and are healthy. My only worry is dinner so I give her concession of food of her choice-cheese bread nicely grilled is her favourite, zatpat omlette, paratha with jam,idli-sauce, dal-rice are certain things I generally make for my girl. Since methi is her favourite, I keep methi all the time in freeze.... My

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