Best Schools in Pune for extra curricular activities

By Madhurie Singh, January 08, 2014

Like all cities Pune too have hundreds of schools.

Not all schools are good, bad or ugly.

A lot of parents have now started to focus on the presence of extra curricular activities in schools during the school hours for their children to really have great exposure.

To my knowledge there are many schools in the past 10 years that have introduced several activities for the children but a few only are worthy enough to be considered as serious coaching.

Nevertheless, it’s better to have a few activities in order to allow the children to have an exposure within the school hours. It will be foolish to imagine that by going to the school activity classes any child will become a master or any type of any level player. (City, School, State, National) For that parents must take extra pain to get their children coached after school hours.

The first type of schools that do not have any activity in their school may be focussing on only the academics or they may not have big enough infrastructure or they have everything they need to conduct activities but lack in the initiative! Schools in Pune that fall under this category are St Mary’s, Hutchings, St Anne ‘s, City Public School, RIMS, Billabong, Lexicon International, Orchid, Gurukul Express etc.

The second type of schools conducts a great number of activities in their school whether they have any good infrastructure or not! They have academics and extracurricular activities too. May and may not be balanced! Schools that fall in this category from Pune are Bishops, St Arnolds, VPMS, Vibgyor, Symbiosis, DPS, Orbis, Pawar Public, Vidya Valley, MIT Gurukul, Indus etc.

But what is important is to understand is it really worth looking for schools that boast of several activities?

Read my past research on  How much is it worth paying for activities in the schools? and decide yourself.






Did u get admission in Sanskruti?

Dear Madhurie Singh, Can you tell me about Kothari National School, I am shifting from Delhi to Pune. Would like to know how are they in terms of balance... my kids are in 6 and 4... girl and boy respectively. Also is Sanskruti difficult to get in

I have not mentioned all the schools.

seems you forgot Sanskruti , this school is balance of activity & academics.

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