Beware of such Gimmick called SpellQuests Competitions

By Madhurie Singh, December 09, 2016

My sons decided to participate in SpellQuest India.

We paid Rs 300 per head for the registration and received a booklet of spellings for Level 1.

I decided to help my sons learn the words. So made them sit with me to understand the meaning of the words using Google search.

As we started to read words we started to get shocks.

A lot of words spellings were wrongly printed! Really? Had I not searched them on Google, my sons would have mugged up wrong spellings for a spelling contest!!! Is that an oxymoron!

So I ended spending hours every day first checking the spellings printed and correcting them before they would start reading the words from the damn booklet.

The second issue was even more frustrating. A lot of words were obsolete. Is there any logic to making children learn obsolete words that are misspelled?

The third issue was hilarious. Grade 6 words were tougher than Grade 8 words!

And the final issue was that same words were repeated in the same column of words!

Someone really lazy must have done this kind of shabby work.

Anyways, without fretting much we decided to go through the process.

Today my son came back with Booklet II for Class 6&7 State Level!!!

The first exercise  was to pick the right word and fill in the blanks! After finishing the first page of this booklet, I lost my cool.

There are words that are incomplete. Either the last letter is missing or word option is wrong!

So we decided to stop this nonsense of checking if the words, spellings and grammar are correct from a booklet that was handed by the organization that is conducting the competition. What an irony?

This SpellQuest shows the real agenda. How to fleece parents in the name of competition like most competitions do. Let me do the math for you.

One school they have roped in would have a minimum of 1000 students.

Rs 300 x 1000 = Rs 300000.00

Let’s assume they rope in at least 50 schools in the name of competition.

So that would be Rs 300000 x 50 = Rs 15000000.00 = Rs 1.5  Crore!

What did you think? They care for your children’s education? Or want to enhance their spelling skill? UH!  Na Munna Na!

All they care for is your money. They will hit the bull’s eye always. Your emotions for your child. Parents who will spend any amount to enhance their children’s skills.


True. Well said!!

My daughter had given intra level 2 exam on August 10th 2019.... After much awaited I got a result which was a commendation certificate which mentions that she gave intra level 6 exam... Oh nuisance after so much efforts the kids are given exam and they think whatever they will send we will accept it...its a total shit

Can you elaborate? What did they send?

I totally agree with you mam. They are just making money. No genuine course. Spellquest Owner itself makes all the books just for the business sake. She is just making money by expanding it to all over Indian Cities.

Might be this happened in ur booky and other kids of my daughters class books were totally fine might be some lot of printing was misprinted nd unfortunately u got it.. Otherwise all the three books were fine my daughter has recently given national level...

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