Birthday Party Place for Kids in Pune!

By Madhurie Singh, August 23, 2009

Birthday Parties are very important for all kids.
Now a days kids don't just want to have the cake and eat it too. They want to call as many friends and send away loads of return gifts too. They want junk food for sure in their birthday party.

I have given my kids' first birthday party at The Corinthian's Club. This is an awsome place with mouth watering food. I still remember their 'Stuffed Button Mushroom" :). Located at the NIBM road, Pune, it's a mini replica of a Roman Palace. There are humungus statues of romans, lovely pool side area. We chose the large banquet hall as the entire office people and friends were invited. That time I had arranged for a magician and a cartoon character with loads of ballons in the hall. Our friends still remember that birthday party. 🙂

The second time too we chose The Corianthian Club for my second son's birthday party. Obviously it was again a big hit. The banquets are normally free if you place food order with them. It comes to Rs 500/- 700/- per head with drinks extra.

Now obviously every year its not possible to spend such huge amounts on a birthday party. Now I have come up with an alternate year celebration of birthday parties.

One year if the elder one's birthday is celebrated outside, that year the younger one's will be celebrated at home.
Though of late it's more convenient to celebrate the birthday parties out side in a place that is equipped for the same.

We have had lovely times at Pizza Corner thrice. They used to have a kiddies room, full of small colourful balls. The kids would go there and spend hours leaving us adults to talk in peace :). Pizza Corner closed down at Koregaon Park this year.

The other place where we have gone and celebrated birthday party is the Empress Garden. That was a major hit with kids and parents as the parents were happy to see their kids enjoying themselves on several swings, slides etc.


Some of the other places where we have been invited for the Birthday Party celebrations I am listing along with a short review.

  • McDonald : These joints are favourite of all kids if not mothers :). Kids are in love with McDonald's . Though the food is sub standard, still I find a big smile on any kid's face with just the mention of the name. There's McD joints now in any area of Pune you can think of. They have Rs99/- and Rs 120/- package with a Happy meal and a return gift (lousy ones at times ) included. Thankfully tha happy meal has a good toy. You must remember that they book only on the weekdays for Birthday Parties.
  • Pizza Hut : These are also cool places for celebrating Birthday Parties. But their package is rather unattractive. A 120/-per child package includes only a birthday cake and the venue with a dance. Food is not included in the package. Also the return gift is as bad as the McD's . The Pizza hut at Kalyani Nagar, does not have the permission to host any Birthday Parties. So the closest Pizza Hut is at the Kakade Mall, Camp. But the space is small and can be suffocating.
  • Yo-China : This is a great place to celebrate Birthday Parties, even adult's. They have a spacious area which they cordon off during birthday party, to avoid kids from getting out of the main door. They organize for their own magician, tatto, hair braiding and decorations. The package is Rs 99-/ head to Rs 120/- head. They have lovely chinese food and yummy starters with cold drinks too. I have always had lovely time there.
  • KFC : They suck ! Please avoid it for birthday parties. They have staff that keeps changing every week. They do not have any birthday pacakge. They made me cry when I hosted a birthday party there. They offered me a package of Rs 99/- which included a tiny burger, an icecream, french fries and cold drink. They promised to give ice cream, but the their softy machine broke down! They replaced it with a five star! 🙁 . They had such a tiny burger that the kids were hungry. So I had to reorder burgers. They forgot to arrange for any decorations or a magician, even though they billed me for that. Well , apparently, I deducted for the icecream but was too bugged with them that didn't want to see their face any longer. There was no music and the door to the hall was broken. I had tough time trying to keep the kids in the hall and not get wet in the rains. It was a nightmare for me. Thanks to my friends Ayesha and Sarika who along with my hubby jumped in to manage the scene.
  • I think the from next time will book my society club house at Lunkad Sky Lounge, which is a lovely place and arrange for a caterer.
  • Another good and economical way of celebrating Birthday Parties are by arranging at home terrace or balcony or the living room. I personally avoid this, as I don't wish to see my living room getting messed up. But I have seen the kids enjoy it at home too. My friends call Pav Bhaaji wala, Dosa wala and Chaat wala who charge per 100 plate. You can order the burgers from the McD or Pizza'as with french fries and cold drinks. The cake also is better managed at home. Disposable plates and glasses are a boon for at home parties. I have a pool table at home, which the kids go crazy playing. But there are loads of other birthday party games that one can organize. You can call the magician and tatto guy at home too. You can have music as per your choice. In all if you have help to handle and manage the crowd of kids at home, this option of Birthday Party at home is the most inetresting celebration.
  • Some interesting return gifts for the birthday parties are set of paints, colour crayons, pencils box sets, piggy boxes, key chains, cartoon cups, books, cds, games and masks. I wish we could do away with the return gift idea completely. Sometimes the return gifts are such trash that I wonder what was the need of spending money on them! Big Bazaar, Lifestyle are great places to shop for return gifts if you do not have time. Else Camp area and Laksmi road is great for very economical return gifts.
  • Another great way of celebrating kids birthday party is by celebrating with the less fortunate kids in your local area. We have Preet Mandir, an orphanage. I donate there clothes or goodies there. My kids too love to spend time with them, learning to be sensitive and sharing their toys with them.


Birthday Return Gifts for Kids


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The best way to find the perfect venues for small or big birthday functions, just visit to You will get the venues with prices, you can also check the availability of venues.

Hey I think you can find it on Cheers..!!

Hi Madhurie, My sons 1st birthday, I am staying at bibwewadi - planning for party for about 100 guests. Plz help out me with venue detail and a caterer

Check out

Kindly suggest a venue near wanowrie fo my toddlers 1st birthday party .m not looking for nythn mumbo jumbo..75 guests though :p

Why dont you try

Thanx u are great Help... kindly keep updating on newer venues


Hello There, Along with above information which is really great to know. We have list of birthday party halls in Pune. Visit: megavenues dotcom/city/Pune/search/search_display_event_type/Birthday-Party

Hi! Madhurie, You are doing a wonderful job in helping parents with their children birthday parties. We too have been doing our bit in providing information on various birthday themes, decor, games and toys, cakes etc. Kindly read our blog. http://birthdaycraftpune.blogspot We are Pune's Leading Children's Birthday Party Organisers & Party Organisers Thank you Naina Maheshwari 9923159521 / 99232 59521

Sure and great job! Keep it up! Hope you do well through the readers of my site too.

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Hello Madhuri, Can you please suggest some good places for kid's birthday party nearby Magarpatta, for guest around 50 in budget. Thanks in advance, Shailendra

Goto any of these Pizza hut, MC Donalds, KFC, Phoenix mall, Amanora Mall, Inorbit.

Hi Madhurie, My daughther's 1st birth day is comming in Oct'13.Can you please suggest good places to organize birth day party in Visharantwadi,Dhanori Area. Total number of guests expected 100. Please suggest options ( with expected budgets if available) Thanks in advance Regards, Praveen

Hi Praveen , Kindly post your question on Discussion. You should write a review of a school your child goes to in Review section. Will help you surely. Also you can like my FB pages and for a quicker reply.

Dear Praveen, Kindly ask this question in Discussion section. Will get answers from others parents along with mine.

Hi, My sosns first b'day is coming up. Please suggest places in Pimple Saudagar/Wakad/PCMC where we can host of a birthday party for 80 people?I am looking for good but not very expensive hall/open garden area for b’day party.Also kindly suggest celebration ideas like magician/tatoo maker with rates. Awaiting your response

Hi Richa, Kindly post your query in

Approving your comment for time being. Tell me your budget and may be I can suggest.

Hi Richa, You will have to rewrite the comment as this email id is detected as spam by my system due to the vague numbers init. As for your query I will reply on the comment you post from more human like email id. :)

Do you know any good birthday hall decorators in Pune?

Do you know any good birthday hall decorators in Pune?

welcome dear

welcome dear

thanx a lot...your ideas really helped I was not able to decide the venue for my baby 's first b'day.

thanx a lot...your ideas really helped I was not able to decide the venue for my baby 's first b'day.

Hi Could you please give me the contact no of the BDay place at SuperIndianKid that you mentioned about in ur previous comments. Thanks

Its not available as of now :(

Do you know places in Pimple Saudagar where we can host of a birthday party for 80 people?

Birthday Party Place for Kids in Pune! « MADHURIE SINGH . COM: via @addthis

Hi Madhurie, Can you tell me if there are any shops or boutiques for kids (specially regarding their b'day dresses). i tried to search on justdial but couldnt get anything. i want some designer dress for my girl. any info?

hey any one has tried this RK CATERER??? I needed to organise family get together in pune (ironicaly i am not from Pune).want to be a hit....

Madhurie, Hi. I'm new to this group.I wanted to know few things. My daughter's first b'day is coming up early next month and haven't done a single thing. So, i wanted you to help me out in few things. 1. i stay near Kalyani nagar and am looking for good but not very expensive hall for b'day party. 2. earlier i was planning to go shopping to Mumbai for my daughters b'day dress. but i'm tied down and don't think i will make it. so, do u know any place here in Poona, which is good for clothes specially b'day types, even designer boutiques will do. 3.Plus where can i go to shop for good decoration stuff, return gifts.

Dear Delnaaz, What is the size of the guest you are inviting?

not more than 40 people including kids

Mc Donald at KN is small for 20 people max, Rs100/- head and nothing more for one hour. FRI, SAT , Sun not available. KFC is horrible, no music sys no decor, bad mgt. Rs 120/ head for two hour only. FRI, SAT , Sun not available Yo China is good, 30 - 40 people with decor and music. 120/- 299/- packages for one- two hour. FRI, SAT , Sun not available Pizza Hut very crowded. FRI, SAT , Sun not available BDay place at SuperIndianKid one room and one hall Bunglow, kitchen, two wash rooms, 30 - 40 people, with music, near KN at BT Kawade Road. Half day Rs 1000/-, FULL day Rs 2000/- Ice cream, Chaat and Reliance fresh next door. Decoration Rs 1000/-

Thanks alot Madhurie. the info has been really helpful.

Birthday Party Place for Kids in Pune! « MADHURIE SINGH . COM

Madhurie, Do you know any caterers who supply good non - veg food. Any ideas for bday party games for a 2 year old's bday party?

:) from answering school queries, this non veg question was a good about turn. U r in luck, I get lot's of mails from people who supply products for kids and when this caterer called me I was wondering do such people also use internet for business???? RK Caterers 9764837305 These two ladies do birthday parties VANNY 9325409760 RASHMI 9822766244

Great!. Thanks very much.. You always take the time out from your busy schedule to answer all the queries and that too quite promptly. God bless you.

Dear Navina, It's always a pleasure . Take Care Madhurie Singh

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You r welcome Pritam :)

[...] Birthday Party Place for Kids in Pune! « [...]

Hi Madhurie, Thanks for good infomration !! For me it was really good time to know about it b'cos my kid's b'day is in next month and i was surching for info on it. Going out and celebrating b'day at this time ( swine flu fever) will not be good idea but other options like socity club house, terrace looks good :) Pritam

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