Birthday Return Gifts for Kids upto 6 years!

By Madhurie Singh, August 26, 2009

Birthday Return gifts are on my hate list.

I abhor whoever came up with this idea. It's more like a bribe to make your kids' friends come to the party !
We teach kids from the very tender age what is greediness, bribing and teach them how to spend money on what is not important at such an early age!

We teach kids how as parents we can be blackmailed into buying what is expensive and beyond our budget as return gifts.
Parents too get into the useless show off mentality, forcing themselves to keep up with the trends, lest they be labelled stingy.

In my opinion when giving a birthday party, if you do have loads of money to spare, do give something valuable and usable as a thank you gift. I am gonna do away with this word RETURN GIFT and make it Thank You gift. At least that way we teach our kids that they are lucky to have friends who share their happy moments and promise to share the sad moments too.

SO if it's a Thank You gift, that your child must give, let it be so.

Some really valuable Thank You gifts are ;

  • Thank You notes, written and  drawn by your kid.
  • You can paste your child's photo too with a poem or painting done by your kid.
  • A story book with good value.
  • A good movie vcd
  • A good interactive game.
  • A box of crayons, water paint, oil paint.
  • A piggy bank.
  • Cartoon Mugs, Water Bottles, Tiffin Boxes.
  • Plastic Clays.
  • Flowers.
  • Key Chains especially with letters.


Things that should be avoided as Thank You gifts :

  • Cheap toys from china.
  • Cheap cars again made in china.
  • Useless books.
  • Poor quality pencils and colors.
  • Clothings
  • Eatables.
  • And strictly do not pass off old return gifts or gifts that make you cry.
  • VCDs which have no value movies / rhymes.
  • Avoid buying return gift packs from cheap stores, as they can never match up your IQ level.

SO the coming birthday party make your kid understand the value of friendship and invite only good friends. No need to teach your child vanity by throwing lavish party that is drilling into your purse and your heart.

I believe, kids are very understanding. It's upto us parents to believe in them, that if explained well, kids do make good choices. Let us not give them what they do not WANT. Let us give only what they NEED. And who are better than us parents to differentiate between their Wants and Needs.! 🙂 This is my promise, what 's your's ?


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Birthday Return Gifts for Kids upto 6 years! « MADHURIE SINGH . COM

[...] Birthday Return Gifts for Kids upto 6 years! « [...]

[...] Birthday Return Gifts for Kids upto 6 years! [...]

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