Black and decker rechargeable cordless handy vomit sucking vacuum cleaner

By Madhurie Singh, October 14, 2011


This was my first review on Mouthshut years ago on 16th June 2008

Just happened to see the link and thought many young moms would benefit from it.


Read on…

I have two toddlers.

There are days when both are down with cold cough and make me mad with series of vomits, spilling and throwing food all around. I would take half an hour to clean the slimy vomit when the next bout was already done in the next room!!!!

I sat up one night and gave a search on google… tips clean vomit ease fast quick.

And loo there came the boon of my life. :)

Black and decker rechargeable cordless handy vomit sucking vacuum cleaner.

I immediately placed an order on for Black & Decker DB425 DustBuster Deluxe Cordless Wet Dry Vac . That was the last when I saw myself cursing and cleaning. I now sometime wait to show off my friends that how in seconds I am a happy mom with clean and dry vomit and spill proof home.

I payed $28 for the whole set. You have to buy an adapter too as it needs voltage conversion. By the way if you want to buy it from, make sure you buy it on a friday sale day.

I love it, and trust me you too will never regret buying this Vacuum Cleaner. :)

Be careful when you the place order, it should be mentioned clearly that it suck liquids too.

I love it.

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