Break time for all SW and IT people is must

By Madhurie Singh, February 05, 2013

Most of the parents on my site are IT people. And being one myself  and married to another is easy to empathize with the hazards of using laptops 10-15 hours a day.

Since I recently downloaded a few simple apps to help me take breaks from the continuous laptop use, I just thought of sharing it with all you parents.

Because it’s very important to keep your healths fine if you really care for your kids and their future.

Since long hours and usage of laptops causes an array of diseases and discomforts which may lead to disability to use laptops at all in the future, it’s better to start precautions and preventions now.

As you all must be by now aware of the Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) that are caused due to repetitive and long over use of a muscle, like fingers, eyes, neck, back etc.

1. Fingers – Carpel tunnel syndrome

2. Eyes –  Dry eyes and blurred vision

3. Neck –  Strain

4. Back –  poor posture

So taking breaks every 20-30 minutes is a must to avoid all these problems in the near future.

I am using the Big Stretch Reminder on my laptop and Break time app on my tab to help me blink more, drink more water and walk around or stretch.

Try any of the available apps and you will definitely feel better.


Good thought Virnag.

This is true. I'll try to follow this practice.

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