Bring me an Orange Phone

By Madhurie Singh, April 17, 2009

Airtel advertisement made me realize something very profound.

I was talking to a friend who lives in Delhi. My sons were playing around me when my younger son heard me mention delhi while I was conversing.

After a while my son wanted to talk to my friend urgently. He took the phone and after a general talk I heard him say … “Bring an orange phone” !!!

“no not red only orange color phone..”

“ok bye..”

Now my friend was quite amused with a very specific request of item being asked by a 4 yr old. But I told him definitely orange was not his favorite color, it was red that he preferred. And never has he shown any keen interest of phones. He is a die hard 4 wheel lover !!!

And that’s when it clicked to me….!!!

The new Airtel advertisement. Yes that was it!
The ad showed a small kid of my son’s age being reprimanded by his mom for being naughty. She had scolded him and not allowed him to play outside with other kids. The kid then sneaks out of the home with something in his hands and goes up on a terrace. He finds a secured place and sits down to reveal an “orange phone ” . He picks up the phone and say ” Papa aap dilli gaye, Mumma ne mujhe daanta. Aap Mumma ko daantna ” . Then he rushed back to his chair where he was asked to chill out by his mom.

His mom comes up and says ” Doodh pe ke baahar khelne ja sakte ho ”

He asks his mom ” Papa ka phone aaya tha ?”

And the mom just smiles…

The kid thinks for sure that his dad had called back and scolded his mom and asked him to send him to play 🙂

So there was the clue that we needed… for my son’s special and specific request for “an orange phone” …

Btw he is still waiting … for his “Orange Phone “

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