Buddy Trees for immunity and prosperity

By Madhurie Singh, July 05, 2024

Buddy Trees of Stars And Nakshatras

Don’t tell me trees can improve the immunity of children.

I kid you not! I have been long researching a combo of Ayurveda, Jyotish, and DNA reports with as much scientific data as possible to prove this ancient Indian claim that there are buddy trees for immunity and prosperity of children. It may sound strange, outlandish as I had initially reacted when my Jyotish Guru mentioned it. But I am a curious cat. I love researching strange facts. And when the facts are connected to my roots, it ignites my urge beyond my control. After 2021 I have hit the jackpot of knowledge. All this happened when I decided to learn the Samskrita language. The language opened my doors to texts that were like meaning less earlier and made me twitch my nose up. But I thank my STARS who taught me the secret key to the humongous plethora of ancient scientifically researched material in Samskrita. Not that I can decipher everything easily, but my engineering brain allows me to gather bits and parts into one big meaningful patch. So when I read that ancient ayurvedic doctors who are called vaidyas, used to prescribe a tree for the newborn much before the child was born, to boost immunity and be a lifelong health friend, I had to research. I started by first collecting whatever material was available on the internet. I consumed as many relevant YouTube videos. Then enrolled myself into authentic experienced ayurvedic vaidyas courses that had the knowledge of Jyotish too. In a bit, I will tell you why Jyotisha’s knowledge is also important. Then I started to wonder how to prove them scientifically as I am not a scientist or a medical doctor or an ayurvedic doctor or a DNA analyst. But then I said let’s take whatever is available. And boy was I lucky? My brother had sent DNA kits for all four siblings, our spouses and our children. That itself was a good set of DNA data banks. Since I already have their Jyotish aka Astrology data, I am aware of their health status, so I started to dig into it. Or should I say, I am digging.

Resources I am digging into

  1. DNA reports of sixteen family members
  2. Astrological data of sixteen family members
  3. Health Data of family members of sixteen family members
  4. Available researched material from ancient texts of Jyotish
  5. Available researched material from Ayurveda

I am aware of the small sample but as of now, I will limit myself to them to research. Once I have come to some obvious results, I will be happy to receive DNA reports of similar large family sets or alteast sibling sets.

reference text book

Why it’s important to pay attention to the work of Rishis

Ancient Rishis were way more intelligent and resourceful than the current-day science community combined. The issue is when you are too intelligent, you ignore many steps and assume that everyone must be aware of it. Sadly, today’s scientists and limited by their limited tools. Until that expands, we have to go by the words of the Rishis. The Rishis have written down so much in the textbooks but we are not utilizing that knowledge.

Human Manual in codes

Rishis have written down human manuals in the form of codes. These codes are called Shlokas. If we can decipher these shlokas we can benefit so much and get rid of so many health issues. However, the problem lies in decoding the codes. A lot depends on the person’s ability to relate everything together. I guess I have the time and fortune to be the one who also has the resources to analyse them. Probably that is why one by one each knowledge stream was coming to me. Engineering to develop the research mindset, MBA to convince and gather resources, Jyotish to understand stars and planets effects on humans, relevant Ayurvedic chapters and access to DNA reports.

What is there for you or your children?

Since my research will take a long time, I will not want you all to waste your time in getting the benefits of the available material from the world of Ayurveda and Jyotisha that has the ability to improve immunity, prosperity and fortune. Now don’t you think that I am going to give a get-rich-quick or get-healthy-quick recipe. Ayurveda takes time, so start by taking the first step. I will share a list of trees that you should plant with your own hands. How?

How will a plant help build immunity, prosperity, and fortune?

According to Vriksh Ayurveda, when a person touches a seed for a few days before planting it into the ground, the seed learns about the body, health, condition of organs, and possible diseases. This seed realigns its DNA to help fight future diseases, improve immunity and increase strength. A healthy body is the first requirement of anyone who wishes to succeed. A healthy person with a strong body and mind will be able to work harder and also think better. That is why they said that a buddy plant will help boost your prosperity and fortune. Sounds magical? Nature is magical. We did not listen to it.

How to find which tree is for your child or for you?

So this is where Jyotisha comes into play. You will have to use any app to find out what is your birth star. There stars are important. The star in which Moon was travelling at the time of birth. The star in which the Sun was present at the time of birth. And the star in which your Ascendant was at the time of birth. Since we are dealing with health we will stick to these three only. If it was career or business or wealth or relationships or property then you would look into other stars.

Now the easiest app I have found of “Drik Panchanga”. I have no connection with them. So you may use this or any other app. Make your Kundali by entering the birth details. At the bottom, you will find all planets listed in a horizontal style. The first one is Ascendent by default. Read the star name from there and match it with the table below. Find out the corresponding tree/ trees. Repeat the same for the Sun and Moon. If you want me to make a video about the way to find your Nakshatras, you can comment below.

List of Stars and their Corresponding Trees

Star NumberStar/ NakshatraTrees Recommended for Immunity
1AshwiniAak, Banana, Dhatoora, Kuchala
2BhariniAamla, Banana
3KritikkaFig, Banana
5MargshirshaKhadir, Katha
6ArdraBilva, Mango
9AshleshaChandan, Nagkesar
11Purva PhalginuPalash, Dhak
12Uttar PhalguniPalash, Banyan
17AnuradhaBakul, Nagkesar
18JyeshthaReetha, Neem, Red Cotton Silk
19MulaBilwa, Raal
20Purva AshadhaJamun, Bakul
21Uttar AshadhaJackfruit
22ShravanaAshok, Aak, Madaar, Coconut
23DhanishthaShami, Semar, Coconut
25Purva BhadrapadMango, Neem
26Uttar BhadrapadPeepal, Sheunark, Sonapatha
Buddy Trees for You Star/ Nakshatra

How to plant the buddy seed or tree?

If you are pregnant, keep the seeds or cuttings of the plants ready around you. Keep touching the tree or seed daily. This is for the baby. For you read below.

If you have children, just make them plant the seeds or cuttings or re-pot them. The planter must always take care of the plant daily till the plant is sturdy. After that, the plant will be there for you. Make sure the seed or cutting is touched by the least number of different people. If possible plant the seed you have eaten. Otherwise, bring the cutting from a nursery and plant it yourself.

If you are planting a seed or cutting for your own self, then too ensure that no one else touches it. Plant it on a good muhurta. If you want to know how to find the muhurta, you can comment below. I will write a post.

How do these plants and trees help?

Let me give you an example. As per Vriksha Ayurveda, if a person is born in Ashwini Nakshatra/ Star, he or she may suffer from Constipation, migraine and sleeplessness. The chances are higher than anyone else who is not born in Ashwini Nakshatra. This person will find relief from one of the plants, or trees mentioned in the table. Banana, Aak, Dhatoora. We know that banana is a great remedy for curing constipation. Constipation also leads to headaches. In the case of Ashwini Nakshatra native, he or she will have half-side pain. So initially this native must know what triggers migraine. Many times it’s a bowel problem or not being able to clean the waste completely every morning. Hence banana is advised. Although Dhatoora and Aak are used for migraine, native cannot take them, as it has a very tricky process which only experienced vaidyas can do. But if suppose the Dhatoora or Aak plant was in your garden or balcony, the Vaidya could help you, if you were living in ancient times. But then how will these two plants help with migraine? Well, as per the Vriksha Ayurveda, there are different ways in which these plants and trees have to be used.

  1. By consuming the fruit or leaves, or stems or roots if edible and can be cooked or can be eaten raw.
  2. Uplep – By making a paste and applying it on the skin or the part of the body in pain
  3. Sparshan – By Touching it daily
  4. Darshan – By looking at the tree daily

In early times there was so much greenery around each house. People would grow all kinds of fruits, vegetables and grains. Also, many trees were grown for shade, oxygen and microbial growth in villages. I remember in Bengaluru, our bungalow in ITI colony, Krishnarajpuram, has Tamarind trees, coconut trees, cheekoo or sapota trees, custard apple trees, mango trees, pomegranate trees and many flowers too. Neem, Banyan, Ashoka and Peepal were planted all around the colony side roads. So people would always be seeing, touching and consuming them. But with so much of the population in the cities, people in apartments and even bungalows cannot grow so many large trees. Also, our great chacha Nehru, too one of the worst decisions by uprooting all peepal, mango, and banyan trees from the cities and river banks and replacing them with Eucalyptus and Fake Ashoka Trees, which destroyed the water levels, gave no fruits not did any good to any person in need of shades.

Are we too late to get benefits from Buddy Trees or Vriksha Nakshtra?

In the early days the day a baby was born, the nakshatra seed was planted in the name of the baby. Imagine what a great idea it was! One human one tree. The child would grow to look, touching that plant. The baby grew with the plant. Immunity of the baby grew along with the tree. And if anytime the baby fell ill, the remedial plant with fruits and all parts were readily available.

So it’s not too tale to start the same custom in your family. You can make a list of all the trees as per all the family members nakshatras of Ascendant, Sun and Moon in the kundali. I bet half of the list will be repeated. Then plant them as per the right muhurta. Even if you don’t ever need these plants in your life, which I wish and pray, at least you would have planted so many trees, at least one per person. Your debt to the world is taken care of.

I request you all to plant trees of your Nakshatras/ Stars and share this post with others. If you want me to make a video with step by step process, do comment below.


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reference text book

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