Can two people dream the same thing?

By Madhurie Singh, January 10, 2012


My 7 year old son last night asked me, “Mom, can two people have same dream?”

Watching my favorite serial, I asked him to wait till the serial was over, and he did.

The moment I switched off the TV, he asked me again, the same question.

I blabbered something which made sense to him and he slept off. But to my astonishment, the explanation made more sense to me.

“Can  two people dream same thing?”

“Do you know why we get dreams?”

“No”, he nodded.

“We have two minds, one is conscious and other is unconscious.”

“The conscious mind helps us see the things we see, understand what we hear, feel what we touch, helps us move around, talk and think.”

“The conscious mind needs rest and sleeps off , giving the chance to the other mind to become active and take care of the body.”

“This unconscious mind is what takes care of the breathing, growing your muscles, repairing cells, digesting food while you are sleeping.”

“When we think something deeply or are worried about something when we are awake, the conscious mind communicates unknowingly to the unconscious mind before sleeping off.”

“Then when the unconscious mind is active, it starts to think on the same worry or thought. It keeps on thinking about the worry, trying to solve it. That is like a dream we are having.”

“Then in the morning, the unconscious mind is tired and sleeps off, after waking up the conscious mind. And you do not remember the dream beacuse it did not telll the conscious mind anything.”

“Sometimes the conscious mind is awake before the unconscious mind has slept off, and it sees what the unconscious mind was thinking. That morning we remember the dream.”

“Many problems are solved because of the unconscious mind working and solving them whole night and passing it to the conscious mind.”

“Ok but can 2 people see the same dream?”

“When we are awake and conscious, we communicate using our body, hands, sound, eyes which are meant to communicate. Similarly, when we are asleep, the unconscious minds are communicating through waves. So I guess that is how two people see the same dream, if their unconscious minds  send waves to each other in their sleep."

“You mean signal from one mind to another!”


“Ok mom, I understood.”

He slept off, but I am now wondering…. 

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