Can you balance everything in this life?

By Madhurie Singh, September 14, 2016

Can you balance everything in this life
Nonsense answer if you hear someone bragging that they have a perfect life and everything is balanced.
I get this question a lot.
Especially working moms want to know how I balance my life.
Let me let you into my secret.
There is never a balance.
I feel that I am on a long seesaw. Always running from one end to another. When there is everything normal then for a few weeks only, probably, I am at the center. Mind you, with both legs on either side, from the center, trying to balance the seesaw of my life. And it’s bloody painful to balance everything on with legs far apart.
Then there will be crisis on my websites that force me to rush to that side and handle it. By the time it’s recovered to the normal, I am needed on the family side due to kids illness or exams or my pet has an issue or my partner needs immediate help.
Yet, I enjoy the whole running around as that is what life offers.
There are moments and days of frustrations too when I am overwhelmed. Like a normal person I scream and shout. Like any other person I cry too.
But these are moments.

[tweetthis]It is perfectly fine to be imperfect.[/tweetthis]

So next time you hear any successful person showing off on TV or magazine that they have a balanaced life, give a smirk to all the hidden hoo haas behind his mask.

It’s not possible to have a balance and successful career without sacrificing a few things at the family front.
Similarly, it is impossible to have a perfectly happy family without sacrificing your career.
Just need momentory, daily prioritising.

There are many tips to deal with the crisis which I would love to share if you want. Do post a comment here.

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