Check the age for Bishops School Admission Pune 2019-2020

By Madhurie Singh, December 03, 2018

Bishops Pune School has opened its admission form.

The online form is available for Lower KG for Camp branch and Nursery for Kalyaninagar and Undhri branches.
Forms are available from Dec 3, 2018 12:00AM to Dec 7,  2018 11:30PM

Click this link.

The normal age groups for admission to the various classes are as follows: Copied from The School’s Website.

Age Group
Nursery (Kalyaninagar & Undri) 3 years 30th Sep 2016
3.11 years  30th Oct 2015
Lower KG 4 years 30th Sep 2015
4.11 years  30th Oct 2014
UKG 5 years 30th Sep 2014
5.11 years   30th Oct 2013
std. I 6 years 30th Sep 2013
6.11 years  30th Oct 2012
std. II 7 years 30th Sep 2012
7.11 years  30th Oct 2011
std. III 8 years 30th Sep 2011
8.11 years  30th Oct 2010
std. IV 9 years 30th Sep 2010
9.11 years  30th Oct 2009
std. V 10 years 30th Sep 2009
10.11 years  30th Oct 2008
std. VI 11 years 30th Sep 2008
11.11 years  30th Oct 2007
std. VII 12 years 30th Sep 2007
12.11 years  30th Oct 2006
std. VIII 13 years 30th Sep 2006
13.11 years  30th Oct 2005
std. IX 14 years 30th Sep 2005
14.11 years  30th Oct 2004
std. X 15 years  30th Sep 2004
15.11 years  30th Oct 2003
Class 11 (Camp- Co-Ed) 16 years  30th Sep 2003
18 years  30th Oct 2002

Please Note:
1.The age limits shown above are as on the 3oth Sep of the Academic Year 2019
2.Students are usually not admitted in class VIII and above unless they come from an I.C.S.E. school and have a good academic record (Only if there are vacancies).
3.Age limit for particular classes will be strictly adhered to. Students too old/Young for a class will not be admitted.

Hello Madhurie Mam, I am looking out for admission at Bishops Highs School, Undri campus for my daughter Anaya. Anaya is born on 16th August 2014, and we looking forward to admit her for class 1 at Bishops Undri campus. But, there is no information on Bishops school website regarding admission for class 1, could you please help us by guiding us on what's the procedure for securing class 1 admission? Kindly Regards, Likhit

Hello Madhurie Mam, I am looking out for class 1 admission for my daughter who is born on 16th August 2019 at Bishops High School, Undri campus. But, there is no notice on school website regarding the same. Could you please help me with understanding what's the procedure to secure admission for class 1 at Bishops Undri Campus. Thanks, Likhit

hello ma'am, which school is better st marrie vs st arnold?

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