Common Doubts and Questions about Schools 2023

By Madhurie Singh, April 05, 2010

I started to write this as a reply to a comment by a member but later when the words became too many, had to move it to this as an article.

The school discussed is Vidya Valley at Sus Village.

There are too many parts in a comment that needs to be answered one by one:

School Infrastructure

School Infrastructure is an important factor when you look for a school for you child. I too was initially of the same opinion that a good school must have a good infrastructure. But I am not ashamed to acknowledge that a good school has nothing to do with a good infrastructure hence I was wrong.

Aman Setu School proved me quite wrong. It’s a lovely school which is run by a very experienced and conscious lady. Always look at a school’s head and the driving force than the infrastructure. Though Aman Setu is growing literally like a baby does, with a few classes added structurally each year, the school is a phenomenon in itself and in the way they teach.

Updated information about Aman Setu on its review page where I have a bit changed in my opinion

When I checked Vikhe Patil, there is only construction all around. Only imagination works there. The financial status of a school is definitely reflected by the structures like Sharad Pawar International, VPMS, DPS, BISHOPS, ST MARY’S, ST Arnold’s, etc. But, mind you if the management is really stable, they will also not ask for under the table in the name of development cost.

School Fee

Fee / Non-refundable development fee / Donations / Bribe these are some words that naturally pop up in our minds when the school admission search starts.

The fee is directly proportionate to the infrastructure or the age of the school.

If a school is 100 years old, it would have either been funded initially to be constructed by the government or missionaries. As a result, the fee is always nominal as there is no burden of loan repayment by the school management. This means that all the fee charged,  is actually used for monthly expenditure only. Hence any such school like St Mary’s is there for making good profits as there is no EMI to be paid.

A school that is newly constructed, say in the last 7-10 years will have to pay for the loans taken to construct the school. If they bought the land during the land boom time, then the poor school will be shelling out a huge amount as loan repayment, even considering all the subsidies.

Now how are they going to recover all this cost? No prize for that answer. 🙂 We the parents have to pay for it!  And hence the huge development cost that any such school demands have to be paid for during admission time. Also, it is non-refundable, as it’s gone as part of the EMI payment to the banks! How will any school pay you back what they do not possess.!

So that again comes back to those old-age schools that demand development costs or admission fees. Now that’s nothing but pure profits. And why not?  If it’s a missionary school, these will all be accounted for. Every penny will be well spent. But anything that is transacted under the table will be badaa boom badaa bing…;)

Affiliation Board

Affiliation Board is an important factor when searching for and finalizing schools.

Why are there so many international schools all over the city? Did it ever occur to you?

Lemme tell you why?  It’s easy to get an International School affiliation as compared to ICSE or CBSE. CBSE is the longest it takes.

So what is the way to work around it? Simple, get an IB or IGCSE board. Wait for a few years and then move to ICSE or CBSE board.

So the benefit is that the school can claim to be IB / IGCSE, follow their syllabus, make the most out of the course, and later shift over to the Indian board. That also starts another doubt. Do read about Which Board to choose here

International Board Fee

Why do IB/ IGCSE boards charge such a huge fee?

Well, the schools have no choice as they have to pay per student fee back to the IB board, that too in dollars or pounds!

So if you want to put your kid in any school that is IB, make sure they thoroughly follow that board and its teaching methodology, as definitely, I guess that is something that is the need of the hour. A board that does not pressurize our kids into useless subjects and a rote system of learning.

School Transportation Services

Why do some schools have compulsory buses?

Well, it ensures safety as the school takes responsibility for the transportation. But it’s the other reason that I prefer the bus compulsion, i.e. arrival of all kids on time. The headache of a parent lessened is definitely one more reason. But if the school is not taking kids out to field trips every month then they are making huge profits. DPS is now overloading the bus with 3 kids in one seat. I think I may have to write to their management, before writing a review.

The last point is the most interesting and I have come across the first time.

Subjects Offered

The school asking kids to change their subject line from Math n Science to Arts and Commerce!

The school in question is Vidya Valley.

The complaint is that the parents of a few students were advised to change the line of subjects of their kids to arts and commerce line from Science and Maths.!!!!!!

I really have no idea if a school can or has the ability to do so! I will definitely look into this matter.

But, that has definitely started an interesting discussion in my mind, which is what I have been toying with for the last few months.

Suppose I were a parent whose kid was asked to change over from Maths, Science to Arts field, what would be my reaction?

I guess, earlier a few years back, I would have raised the hell! 🙂 But today I am more sensible and mature about the needs of my kids and their happiness than my own needs. It’s not important what makes me happy, it’s more important what makes my kids happy. Trust me, it’s most difficult to let yourself believe that what you want is NOT what they want! So when a school advises me that my kid needs to shift over, it just means the kid is not able to handle these subjects intelligently! The best option would be no doubt for me to help my kid by getting rid of these subjects that don’t make any sense to him!

Why make your kid struggle and waste time on that subject which will be a burden on his life long! A burden that will never be enjoyed, hence your kid will never be happy!  And who has ever succeeded in life without following his happiness and passion? Passion is nothing but doing what you love the most and will do without anyone coaxing you ever.

Everything that I see or read or write boils down to one thing. Let your kid follow his heart, no one can stop him from succeeding, even if it’s not being a doctor or an engineer! 🙂

And thank that school that is giving an option to the kid to become successful not an average rat.

Well like a friend always quotes, even if we are number in a rat race, we will remain a RAT. So why not take a diversion and be something other than a RAT!  Trust me, it’s the most courageous act, yet will be the most satisfying one.


This post was an example of how I break down each school query that is asked by parents like you into simple parts. Then answer them one by one so that you are sure about the schools you are shortlisting. Then start picking the schools that have the maximum number of positive factors and suit your requirements. Remember Best School means what is Right School for your child. You may want to read about the Transfer Certificate post and What documents are required for the school admission process?

Hi I need admission for my four year old daughter in Pune.I reside in Pimple Saudagar. Do we have any missionary schools nearby affiliated to ICSE board.I know about St. Joseph's but they have state board curriculum.Heard they are going for ICSE.Not sure if that is true. What are the options I have for private schools. 1.GIIS 2.Gurukul Pimple Saudagar 3.Wisdom World

Can u please tell about the indus international school in pune for 10+1

Its good school. But very expensive. You may refer my name when filling the form. I you need to have a consultation where I need to understand your entire future requirements too. Kindly fill Consult Expert Form on Then book a phone call for one hour.

Hi Madhurie, I am recently being transferred to Pune from Kolkata. My Son is of 5.5 years and is studying in KG under ICSE boards. Please let me know which are the schools will allow mid year admission to UKG in PUNE.

Ukhg is the most difficult. New schools are willing to give admission. Kindly fill the contact form to chose either phone or workshop consultation.

Hi Madhurie, i live in Pune and am moving homes to Pimple Saudagar in a few weeks. My daughter who is 2 and a half goes to day care and school near my current home. I would like to get your views on good schools in/near Pimple Saudagar as i do not find any in specific. To give you an idea, i would like for her to get admitted to St. Josephs, Pashan, but a few cons are 1. not sure if the admission process would be an issue given our location in Pimple Saudagar, distance wise. 2. i do not think the school has school buses - i have to arrange for a private carrier, which i have reservations about...3. will a distance of 8-9 kms be too much for her? I am also keeping Wisdom World and Vidya Valley in my radar, except I feel Wisdom World is very expensive for such a junior class and Vidya Valley again could be too far. What is your advise? Am i missing or mis-interpreting something here ? Any help/information would be appreciated ! I tried registering to the website and joining groups - but somehow was unable to. Thank you. Best Regards, Anne

Hi Anne, You have lot of queries and I am really excited to see more and more parents becoming aware of the choices available to them for schools. Kindly fill the contact form on the right hand site by clicking my picture to attend workshop/ phone call/ seminar.

Thank you so much for your reply Madhurie...i seem to have trouble using this website even after signing up, will try again...meanwhile, i have posted the same query and answered the 40+ questions on also...pls let me know if that would help...

What trouble? Also you need to book consultation over phone by filling the Contact form.

Fixed the issue i had. Also have completed and submitted the Contact form. Have not received any intimation yet.

I want to admit my daughter to Indus International School, Pune in 10+2(IB System)under Cambridge Board. My question is :: Will she be eligible for admission in Indian Colleges(UGC) for Engneering, Medical or general stream at graduation level ?? pleas address my concern. S.Roy, Kolkata. M-9476102515.

Kindly visit the site and fill the contact form here.

Hello Mam, I am planning to shift from Navi Mumbai to Pune for a better job but my only concern is my kids schooling. They are currently studying in a state board school. The elder one is in 7th standard and younger one is in 1st. i am planning to rent a house near pimple saudagar or pashan area, so just wanted to check out if there are any good state board schools nearby and how difficult it is to get admissions in state board schools. I will be moving my family in the next academic year. i will appreciate if you could help me out with some good schools Thank you.

Thank you madhurie for your reply.I am waiting for my kid to turn 2 and meet you with my son in super indian kid.

Bhuvaneswari Srinivassan By the time your kids reaches class x they would have got their affiliation!

Thank you very much for your reply madhurie.Is it advisable to take admission at St Arnold ,Punewhich has not received CBSE affliation.Will not create a problem at a later date in my child's education.Kindly share your views if possible

They will be following ICSE. As far as Arnolds is concerned, it may take them a few more years.

Hi madhurie... i am regular reader of your blogs.Initally I felt Aman Setu is good but later when i started analysing...I have few doubts...regarding Aman Setu..Which Board they are following from 1st to 6th..they follow NIOS from 6th or 7 which means Open Schooling.Will a child can be moved to CBSE or ICSE later da.Please clarify my doubts. another thing regarding St Arnold Pune...I could not find CBSE affliation number.I got the same for other schools and including St arnold which are located at Mysore,Orissa,M.P.My doubt is why St arnold Pune CBSE affliation number is not reflected anywhere.I checked out the CBSE affliation site.I will be really thanful to you if you could clarify my doubts.Correct me if I am wrong.

My daughter is 3 years old and we are looking to admit her in best school near Kothrud Area. Can you suggest which school is best among below 1. City International 2. Kalmadi Highschool 3. SPM 3. Bal Shikshan Mandir 5. New English School , Tilak Road Also recommend if we should consider any other school Regards Rajendra Kulkarni

Hi Archana, kindly fill the contact form.

I am confused between Sanskriti and Springdale(Warje). I have read positive reviews on Sanskriti but not getting info about Springdale. Fees and distance are major differences between the two. But not sure of the schooling quality. Can you help me on this?

Sure & Thanks madam

Yes GIIS is ebtter than Podar as it lacks in english as really the medium of teaching

Other than Tamil he knows English, little.

Hi Mutuselvan, I am not sure but lwt me check if I can find a school of your need. I cannot promise. If I forget to answer in a weeks time, kindly re write here.

Hi Madhurie, Any feedback on Gobal Indian International School (GIIS) Chinchwad and Podar International School Chinchwad Thanks,

I'm relocating from Pondicheri to Pune. My son, so far studying in English medium. Tamil is the 2nd language. Now he is studying in V std. I've following querries:- 1. Is any school available here, Tamil as an optional language? 2. If no such option for Tamil language, can he pick-up other language in this stage?

Dear Muthu What languages does your son know other than Tamil?

Hi, Searching schools for my son admission in LKG. options selected are Orchid Baner, and Indira internaltional Wakad. Which one is better.Pls suggest.My son will complete 3 yrs in Nov.

Dear Gargi, Kindly fill the contact form Also you should post your request on

Dear Madhurie, We are relocating to Pune from Delhi in October. My son is 5 years and is going to DPS Noida. He is in Prep class. Need your help on the transfer cases and mid year admission process and also some good schools where I can get the opportunity for his admission. Thanks a ton in advance. rgds

Dear Rahul, Kindly post your question on Discussion. You should write a review of DPS Noida in Review section to help me understand what is your expectation from schools. So what you write in Review are like pointers for me as to what you want from a school in Pune. Will help you surely. Also you can like my FB pages and for a quicker reply.

Hi Madhurie , We are moving to India from Canada and want admission in St mary or Bishop pune for my daughter for 5th std . The school does not pick phone ,please suggest any way to get the admission . Really appericate ur advice on this . Thanks in advance Shibi

Hi Rishi, I know they will not pick phone or even let you goto the school. Kindly fill the contact form.

Hi Shibi, Kindly visit this link and fill up the details: Based on the questions, you will receive a response in your email id. Thanks

Dear Meenal, I have not worked on state board schools much but going by the feedbacks, St Josephs is a better option.

Dear Madhurie, My daughter got admission for LKG in Vidya bhavan Shivajinagar and St. Josephs Pashaan.Which according to you is a better option?

Ashwini Latkar-Khedkar No that's not true. You can get admission without any pull and push. I have changed 7 schools for my 2 sons with no such external forces.

One more dought ...i heard that in the coming yrs all the schools will be changing state board to CBSE syllabus? Is it really a need of new generation to have CBSE curriculam?

Thanx a ton for valuable advice. Nowadays everywhere we have to pay either donation or any co-orporators referance.(as per my experience in chinchwad area) very less people are lucky to get addmission of their ward in best school. i m too hoping for the best.

ANd once you are done watching it, understand these all factors I consider when suggesting a school.

I guess u need to check this link first

Dear madhurie, I am very confused about getting addmission of my 4 yr old child whether in CBSE or State board. I resides in Chinchwad I have two options of Kamalnayan Bajaj, a convent state board syllabus school & Sri Ravi shankar CBSE coming up next yr in woodville spine road. Both has vast diifrence in Fees & curriculam. Pls. guide me in this regard.

Hi,Madhurie,First of all thank you for giving us information on schools and different are doing a great job.. Can you please review some new schools like Saint Mathews and lexicon. Thanks

Hi, Kindly post your questions or discussions on thanks

I did review St Mathew but not as per my standards. Lexicon you may find on the site. Let me rewrite a few.

Hi Madhurie, We are moving to Pune in June 12, my elder daughter has secured admission in DAV in Aundh in the 4th grade, but the younger daughter did not make it as there were no seats left. I am looking for a similar school around the Aundh area CBSE board and found City International school nearest (distance wise), are there any other CBSE schools around that area (Aundh/Baner). I am looking to admit her for a year in another school and then try for DAV next year, but this may take a toll due to the non-refundable deposits and high admission fees the other school have and I will loose them all and again pay the same in DAV next year. Appreciate if you could guide me to a good school with lower non-refundable deposits and admission fees, so that its not a drain on my finances.

Both schools you've mentioned are not I wud suggest especially for younger kids.

Hi! I am looking for school review of Vidya Bhavan School, Shivajinagar. My son is 3 years old and has got admission in LKG, I stay in Dapodi. I would like to know how is the school and what are the school acitivites. My friends and family advised me its a good school but then its not right sending the child to school so far. I am in two minds since i do not want my son to travel so far, just becos i want him to go to that school. Is it the right age for him to learn musicial instruments.

Hi Madhurie, I have been following your blog since last 3 months probably day and night to get an idea where I should put my daughter. I stay in B.T. Kawade road and my daughter is currently going in Kider Brook nursery. She has been though with Dastur admissions but am still doubtful wether to opt that or not. I dont have any reviews of that available anywhere :-( Also this school dont have bus facility which we will be requiring for dropping her to her day care. Can you guide me with any of these. Thanks in advance Anand

Hi Madhurie, I have question regarding a new school (alongwith Preschool) coming up in Pune city in Kondhwa (near Wanawadi), Indus World School (CBSE board). Do you have any view on this schhol? They have branches in other cities in India but first in Pune. I liked the way they are representing, i.e. they have lot of experimental activities through which they teach students about science and math likes subjects. But I am not very sure about its real implementation of what they say. So It would be great for me if you put some light on this if you can. Thanks in Advance. Seema

Hi Mam Your views on Vibgyor High at Undri.I would be looking forward to your comments on the school. Review about Victorious kids in Sopan Baug I am looking for a school for my son who is in LKG and would be eligible for UKG. I saw your rating for Vibgyor school but did not see any reviews about the school. I am particularly intrested in knowing about Vibygor,teaching method. I have heard that there are lot of activities but how the school is in terms of academics. My longterm goal is that I would be sending my son to boarding. Your response would be much appericiated

Hi Madhuri, I am looking for the activities conducted by St. Joseph school in Pashan. Or which all would be the best school for Girls you suggest in pune if i will not consider location as restriction. I had gone through almost all the blogs but i am more concern about the activities and sports. Mostly interested to have sports like swimming tennis and SSC board with catholic school criteria. Regards, Mangesh.

Hi Madhurie, I am looking for reviews on Sanskriti school [Mulshi] CBSE. Can you please provide your comments and also let me know if it is CBSE affiliated or yet to get that?

Most schools are not affiliated as it takes 5 yrs for a school after operating to apply and be eligible for the affiliation.

Madhuri, Gr8 job on a gr8 site.I am a first time mom, new to Pune and have a very young daughter ,she is 11 months old !!! I keep passing by Bishops and wanted to know if you have had the opportunity to review it yet and what their fee structure is... When do I start my hunt for preschools and schools?I read your article which says when my daughter is 2.5 years old or so but I am scared being ignorant of school procedures. Help is always welcome :D

Hi Veena, That's really early! Fee of Bishop is around Rs 1500/- month. I have reviewed but will not post. Actually you start going to the schools only when they are running not during vacations. It does not give picture of everything otherwise.

Hi Mam, We are planning to relocate to Pune. I have two daughters, aged 11 & 5. My elder girl is studying Tamil as a second language and my younger one is being trained in Chinese. Would like to know if any schools in Pune offer Tamil/Chinese as a second/third langauge. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge in this very useful site.

From June 2011 we are starting Chinese Language course at Superindiankid, Kalyaninagar, for kids and adults. I did see a school called Jyotirmoy at wagholi where they have Language courses but how much that is part of the regular school is not I am aware of.

Hi Madhurie, I must say, this site is full of useful information. Thanks a lot for doing this. I am considering to relocate from USA to Pune sometime this year and was looking for a school for my Son who will go to 5th grade. I heard of Indus international school being a good school but can't find any reviews on the net. Do you have any info on this school? Also how about Vidya valley school, saw a lot of positive feedback about this but not sure if that is current. Thanks Arun

Both are great schools. VV is ICSE , Indus is IB. So vast difference. If u keep moving in n out of India, IB is good option. Also if u can afford IB is great.

Dear Madhurie Good Job!! just want to understand what is your ideal board if you had to your kids and no money problem? My kids go to international school i am very happy with the kind of work they do in school but very disappointed with the management and teacher turnover. I would be interested in knowing which is the best international school in pune? Do answer me Its v ery imp thanks pooja

Like I keep reiterating all the time, one man's meat can be poison to other ! :)

So no I will not answer your question of which is ideal board for my kids as it depends on my status, proximity to home, my kids' abilities and most important my comfort level with the school.

There is really no best school in Pune after reviewing most. Yes there may be most suitable to you and your kids based on your priorities. 

Hi I work in Dubai and am in the lookout of good school for my son in Grade V. I have heard a lot about Vikhe Patilf ro their allround performance, but I guess they do not have any admissions for Gr V. Could you pleas let me know if their are any NRI quotas is schools in Pune. Please also let me know if the Vike patil in Viman nagar is of the same standard as the one in Senapati bapat area.

VPMS Lohegaon is doing pretty well and much better than SB road branch. I think they will definitely have seats in class V. ALso VPMS is now CBSE International school. DPS does have NRI quota. SO I am sure all schools may have provided they want to exercise this option.

Hi Madhurie, I would first like to thank you for the immense information and tips that you are sharing with parents like me. I was wondering if you had a chance to review Loyala School, Pashan. Is there any way you can give me feedback about this school? Thanks in advance, Sujata

thanks a lot for your timely help.

hi madhurie, sorry to bother u again but can u plz give me the contact of gazetted officer in pune from whom we have to get the documents attested. ur help will be kindly appreciated im asking this coz we are new in pune.

U can goto any nearby notary. I know there is one behind Central at DP Road. ALso my friend Rupam [email protected] [email protected] can be contacted.

Common doubts and questions about schools in Pune. « Reviews of Pune Schools and Products via @AddThis

hello madhurie, sorry i somehow overlooked some part of ur forum but can u plz clarify me whether st.mary school is having school bus or not?

No bus by St Mary but pvt buses do ply , lots of them. 700/-

Dear parents it will be great if you read the reviews on my blogs first as most of your queries will be answered by then.

hello madhurie, thanks for the reply.but didnt suggest me the name of the school i should approach and also plz let me know when is admission starting for ukg as some schools are starting their nursery admission from nov.plz reply hope im not bothering u.bye.

If you read my blogs all the questions will be answered :)

HELLO MADHURIE, liked ur website keep up the good work.i have one query kindly help we have been living for a longtime abroad but we are now moving to india the thing is tht here due to foreign language we didnt put my son in school but we taught everything at home i.e nursery syllabus and since we are shifting to pune which school should we apply for we are looking for cbse board.will they consider his admission ?now we want him to go as per his reply soon.

nope, I dont think your son shud have any problem as long as he is talking and answering:) gud luck for LKg though. Ukg he may not be able to cope also in UKg there is a need for previous school certificate. BUT everything can be sorted out by talking. So select the schools and talk to them.

Hi Madhurie, Thanks for the great information on this site ! Would you have any reviews about Sanskriti, Orchid School - Baner, City International School-Kothrud. Thanks !

Hi, How do you compare Vidhya Valley and Sanskriti in the over all development of child apart from the difference in board. Thanks!

Hi, We are moving to Pune this month in rush. my daughter is 6 years old and will be seeking admission in 1st grade. Are there any schools (ICSC schools)which allows admission in the middle of the session. Thanks much, Mamta

Actually all schools have to give admission if they have vacancy even in mid term, by law to any kid coming from another city, country. Its just that schools are packed. But trust me, you will get admission if you pursue 2-3 religiously, as transfers are inevitable :).

Thanks Madhurie, Do you have any idea about Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Chinchwad. Please let me know your inputs if you do. Thanks again. Mamta

Mamta, I have not reviewed this school. :(

hi, pls tell which is a suitable kindergarten school in pashan n su road kid is 2 yr old

Hi Chandana, sorry but I have not reviewed any kg in Pashan area. You may try searching pashan on my site, for comments that other parents might have posted.

Any views on Wisdom World School,Wakad.....principal and coordinator is from St Mary's School(this being the USP) but any other thoughts....thinking of this school as an option for my son for std 1. Please share your views.

Hi, My daughter has been admitted to St. Mary's, St. Joseph Pashan, and St. Hutchings. I am unable to decide between St. Mary's and St. Joseph. I stay closer to St. Joseph, but am willing to brave the distance to St. Mary's, if that is a superior school. What's your opinion? Thanks!

:) Dear Nayana, I wish there was a way to measure schools for their superiority! I wud say St Mary's makes more sense for girls.

Hi Mam Your views on Vibgyor High at Undri.The school looks good though a bit small.I would be looking forward to your comments on the school. Thanks.

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