Confused Parent?

By Madhurie Singh, January 21, 2016

Leave aside your ego, your pride when it comes to children. I meet so many parents who want a school to show if off to their relatives! Also, many succumb to the peer pressure and end up selecting the wrong school.
Parents, I totally get it. It's not easy, living in today's society where everyone seems happy but everything beneath is fake. 
So how do you take the right decision?
I stumbled upon this process while reviewing schools. Just because my best friend's children are going to a school, does that school automatically become the best? No way! Just because my kids are going to a particular school, its best? Again, no way!
Who am I trying to please? Myself or my friends? That's when I realized the zen. 
Shut down my thoughts where friends, extended family members, neighbors, spouse or I have any expectations. All I see are my boys. Will this decision, help them? Is this step going to make them good human beings?  Are they going to be happy as a result of this decision? 
Recently, I was forced to think again in the above context when a lot of friends were looking to change the school. 
Peer pressure and doubt started to creep up. So quickly I reassessed the schools that people were interested. After reviewing them, once again I was glad to follow the process of taking the right decision.
Step 1. Remove peer pressure.
Step 2. Remove my personal agendas (high fee or ego)
Step 3. Now looking at the review information, ask is this the right school for my kids? 
Step 4. Will my kids be happy in this school?
Step 5. Is this school capable of making my kids good human beings?
 In 5 min, the answer was in front of me and decided to continue the kids in the same school as they have been going to. 
Never give in to the peer pressure.
Never follow the path that everyone is following and assume it to be the right path. 
Always question them, the path, and the preacher, even if it happens to be Madhurie Singh ;).


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Hi. I am staying in hydrabad my twin daughters are going to euro international. School is good some lacunas are there like rwcently teacher changed daughters got confirmation for dps but I m confused should I continue with same or change to dps pls suggest....

Teachers are a big issue everywhere. So one might close the eyes towards that angle.

wow nice blog.

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