Controversy in a school !

By Madhurie Singh, March 06, 2013

2013, Seems to be the year of controversies for schools in Pune at-least.

With top schools (brand wise only), facing the brunt of the various controversies, Pune parents have a reason to worry.

Well the worry is uncalled for in my opinion.

The worry would be if any of the priorities related to my kids gets affected today or in the future.

A few things that need to be ensured.

Is the safety, security of the school unaffected, then

Check if the hygiene in the school premises is unaffected, and

If the value system in the school is same, and

If the teachers are unaffected and finally

If the curriculum is unaffected,

No need to worry. 🙂

There are other criteria that you may add or may be deleted but you can work it out logically.

I wish I could help as many parents. There is a need for parents to get together and sort out things with schools peacefully with a moderator.

Gone thru the same experience for my kid for Bishops and Arnold Central... do not know where the education system in pune is heading to..!!! will also help . Pls check here

yes we already complaint..but u also tell me..

do you know where u can officially complain for this kind of harassment in pune?

URGENT and IMPORTANT Kind Attn - Ministry of Education (Or relevant authorities). Corrupt, in transparent and unfair practice by Pune schools - Nursery Admission 2013-14. 1) Bishops School - Kalyani Nagar, Pune Issue: Conducted a lucky draw last week, none from parents (seeking/applied for admission) were invited. Place, date and time of draw was not shared. School is not maintaining transparency. Request: Enforce school to scrap and redo draw while all interested parents should be invited School URL: 2) St. Arnold School, Wadgaon Sheri, Pune Issue: Invited parents and student seeking admission on 4th March, however it was merely a FYI meeting with clerk/staff who informed about fees structure and terms. Also told us that based on Management discretion, shortlisting will be done and result will be published soon. Again monopolist practice, promoting back door entries solely based on closed room decision. Request: School should publish point based criteria in advance and declare results with complete details (break up of score/points for each child they shortlist should be published) School website: 3) DPS, undri, pune Issue-1: Charging 2500/- Rs. just to apply to the school. Issue-2: Secondly Highest weitage (at their point based system) have been given to "introduction Session" (sugar coated name for interview). This gives enough flexibility with DPS management to reject admission and give no reason. Interviewing kids (as small as 3 year old) is non-compliance to guideline. URL for theit point system: Request: Kindly interefere and force school to remove "introduction session" from their point base criteria. Hope you understand parents challenge (who can not afford DONATION/BRIBE) dealing with so many schools and getting disappointments due to unfair practices followed by most branded schools. School Website: Your timely action and objection is requested. Regards, Sandeep Jain 8007773913. [email protected]

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