Courier guy did this to me when I gave him

By Madhurie Singh, May 05, 2023

kitten asking otp

I had ordered stainless steel straws from After weeks it was delivered today. But this post is not about the straws which I will write after this post. It’s just a random thought that flashed in my brain because my heart cried.

Honestly I was very busy making another very serious article on Bournvita saga. So this post is an unplanned one. Why I decided to write about it was because the buzz of AI Artificial Intelligence has been driving is all nuts. Amongst that emotions of Human being is losing perspective. People are imagining that AI will take over the humans.

Yes humans are far far resilient than any machine will ever be. And I want to prove it by humane actions that humans only are capable of doing.

So this courier guy rang the doorbell. The moment I saw him, his frail old body underneath a white tattered tshirt with a pair of blue jeans that seemed borrowed from a 10 yr old. 😔

He asked me to give the otp to receive the package. I said wait. Quickly I went to my son’s wardrobe and picked out 2 TShirts, folded them and came to the foyer area. Then I started to check for the otp which was not there in the message box of my mobile phone. I told him that and he said, “dont worry madam. I will come back later.”

That’s when I handed him two Tshirts and asked if he would take them.

He took the Tshirts and started weeping. I too had tears. So to prevent further emotional scene, I said, I will again check for the OTP.

The old man said after wiping his tears, that, this is his first day as a courier guy with Amazon, and that he did not have a Tshirt to wear. So his friend gave him his old TShirt so that he could start working. This friend also borrowed his own son’s jeans and lent it to the old man.

Then what he said made me feel very emotional. He said, “You are the hands of that Bhagawaan God through which he is helping me. How else would any madam will hand over tshirts to a courier guy!”

I was so overwhelmed that I could be the one who God chose to help his devotees.❤️

I then asked him to come back after his work is over on weekend so that I can handover more clothes. If this old man will be back again, I will update about his life story.

Do share such incidents from your life too and spread humanity. As parents the biggest legacy we leave behind for our children are kindness and empathy which no AI can even beat. 😂

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