Don't let the best watermelons go out of the country

By Madhurie Singh, October 13, 2023

Why ancient wisdom is important to follow even today? Science did not shoot up like mushroom in 17th century. The ancient wisdom of all the countries colonized by the british, french and portuguese is to be credited. The inventions happened only from 17th century onwards by these countries. Why? because they copied without giving every any credit to any native people. Read on about the reason why best watermelons must be given free to kids of the farmers.

It’s a fact and beautiful lesson about a farmer in a village in India, who grew largest watermelons. In the world competitions too his watermelons were the biggest and the best. He used to make the village children eat the largest melons that he won. His son would want him to sell those melons instead.
After a few years, the old man died and his son took over the farming. He started selling the largest melons out of the country and making big profits. People from various countries would bid highest for his melons. He became richest village man in two years. He would gloat around and show off his wealth to everyone.
The third year, the size of the melons were not large enough neither was the taste good.
People did not pay him much as other countries were now producing largest watermelons!
He thought may be this season there was less rainfall and may be his farm needed more manure. He imported chemical fertilizers from the winning countries. Yet his produce were again smaller than others! He was very upset. Then he went to his father’s friend and shared his problem. His father’s friend told him something that you must read very carefully and slowly.
He said, “Son, your father was a smart man. He used to never let his best watermelons go out of the village. So he would give it to the village children to eat. The village children did the free labor of taking out hundres of seeds and spitting them in his farm. He would collect those seeds and save them to grow the next crop. That is why his watermelons were always the largest and the best. He never sold them to other countries.
You on the other hand were short sighted. You wanted to become rich in short period. So you have given away the best quality seeds to the other countries! Now they are winning while you have poor quality watermelons.

Moral of the story. When the good brains and good genes is easily allowed to migrate out of the country, slowly the over all quality of brains will deteriorate while the countries where they migrated to will flourish. We need infrastructure and research facilities for the best quality melons to stay back in the country to produce best quality melons in future too. 😁 Or At least marry them here and make them stay here. Government should actually save the genes from these super performers, super achievers and great human beings. 😊

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