DPS MANAGEMENT is Excellent !!!

By Madhurie Singh, July 07, 2009

DPS school, its management and the staff never stops to amaze me !

The DPS bus which comes to Kalyani Nagar to pick and drop my child would stop at a very filthy place. At the garbage dump, right after the bridge ended . It was not just filthy but was a nuisance to be standing amongst ragpickers, truck drivers and scrap collection shop. My kid started only this year, so I was trying to bear untill the rains started this june 2009. It became a nightmare to stand in the rains, with cars splashing water, flies tickling and men staring at buffons like us waiting !
That’s when I decided, no more bearing this unwanted trauma everyday in the scorching sun or pouring rains.
I spoke to a few parents if they wanted to get the bus stand shifted to somewhere decent place. Everyone obviously nodded. SO I went to the school and spoke to the office lady, who asked me to get a letter from all the parents who wanted the same. Then my hubby darling spoke to the transport head too. He said if there was a good number of students from my society, they will defintely consider the change.
SO I again made a letter describing the situation, took names of all the kids who would come to the bus stop and gave it to the principal. I also showed the management pictures of the area in the rains with the garbage.
The principal without a single word approved the change of the stop from the shabby place to my society Lunkad Sky Lounge. Now that’s what I call quick decision and appreciate the DPS school even more.

What a SCHOOL you have madamjee ! Hats off !

Moral of the story …. When you want to get something, all you have to do is ASK ! 🙂

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