DPS Pune Admission Details 2013-14 Nursery, Preparatory, Classes 1-3

By Madhurie Singh, September 07, 2012

DPS school is out with its admission dates (tentative) for the next academic year 2013-14.

This time they have opened admissions to Nursery, Preparatory, Class 1-3 also. I must say that's a very clever move by DPS. 🙂 Its the first one to start the admissions and hence maximum parents will seek admissions and pay up the fee to book their seats. While all other school start late.

Though I have heard that this time many other schools including St Mary's Boys might start their admission even a month earlier i.e. October 2012…

Hmm looks like a lot of schools now are strategizing, well done, as competition keeps everyone on toes!

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DPS will open its admission forms online on 2nd November  2012 for Academic year 2013-14.

Copying the information from their website


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The Admission Details


Item Dates  Comments

 Online Availability of Registration Forms

2nd November 2012 –  12th November 2012  

 Forms will be available only ONLINE on the website

 www.dpspune.com .

 Do not go to the school. 

Fill the online admission form correctly to the best 

knowledge to get a call.

Introduction Sessions
19th November 2012 – 27th November 2012
 Interview or interaction between Principal, teachers, and Parents. The kid will also be interacted with the Principal and teachers on various factors.
Successful Admission List On the Site (new)
    29th November 2012 at 4:00 p.m.  This time they have changed to display the list of successful admissions online instead of sending emails or sms.
Admissions Process, including Medical Examination
 5th December 2012 – 13th December  2012  
 Take all relevant forms, documents, cheque books, cash, medical reports, educational qualification proofs of parents, bank letters etc etc with photos and stationary.
Parent Partnership Programme
  24th March 2013
 Congratulations ! You have made it.
Start of New Academic Session
  2nd April 2013, to 5th April 2013
 Get busy now! 🙂

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Age criteria in DPS is different than most schools. Here the cut off date is March unlike other schools, where the cut off age for admission is considered as June.

between 3½ to 4½ Years
born between 1st October, 2008 and 30th September, 2009
between 4½ to 5½ Years
born between 1st October, 2007 and 30th September, 2008
Class I
between 5½ to 6½ Years
born between 1st October, 2006 and 30th September, 2007
Class II
between 6½ to 7½ Years
born between 1st October, 2005 and 30th September, 2006
Class III
between 7½ to 8½ Years
born between 1st October, 2004 and 30th September, 2005


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Who can help with admission to dps for 2014-15.

Hi SD, Kindly post your query in www.schoolkhojo.com. http://www.schoolkhojo.com/index.php?/user/forum/index/9

Kindly visit schoolkhojo.com for reviews and help.

I am sorry Prashant, I have not reviewed it as it is State board school. People who reach my site are mostly ones who are moving from country to country or state to state so ideally they need CBSE/ ICSE or IB schools. But I will one review St Joseph too. :)

Saint Joseph Pashan Admission Details 2013-14 Nursery, Preparatory, Classes 1-3.

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