DPS PUNE SCHOOL, A Benchmark !!!!!!

By Madhurie Singh, April 17, 2009

A critic’s critic is what I can be best described as 🙂

I have very high set of standards when it comes to kids, education, hygiene and anything to do with the tiny tots. 🙂

Since my younger son was happily going to a kindergarten school “Kider Brook” at Kalyani Nagar, I was a carefree mom with no tension of homework, timing was cool 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Next to my home a lane far to be precise :).

So when he completed his nursery and was time for Jr Kg, I was not gonna repeat the mistake of hanging on to a kindergarten , which I did for my elder son. Read my blog on St Mary’s for more.

So come november 2008 and I started checking the DPS website for the form to be downloaded for admissions.www.dpspune.com .
I was glad to find it in the second week of the month. Downloaded the form and took the print-outs. It was a pleasure to the eyes and mind to see very clear, no nonsense form with only required information that was asked for to be filled in.
There were only two things that were needed to be arranged for the registration time. Two passport size photographs of the child and a xerox copy of the birth certificate. How cool !

Then there was a week for the registration to be done. Again there was a very good system of handing token numbers to the parents when they entered the school. This made sure that first come first serve worked well and fair. The registration itself was a quick process with submission and checking of the form for the date of birth.
A total amount of Rs 1200/- was the dent during the registration. A small bag was handed to each parent which contained the school brochure and a form which contained the admission card for next round of meet with the principal. A very interesting letter from the principal looked like the icing on the cake, which mentioned very clearly that there was no need to coach and coax the child for any type of exam. I was relieved.
interview of the parents was preceded with each child having an informal chat with two teachers. They were very friendly and asked my son a few shapes, names of fruits, colors , alphabets. Then they checked his motor activity too by making him pile up a stack of colorful rings.
The meeting with the principal was quite interesting too, as there was no formal question answer round. Since my husband recognized her as one of the teachers from DPS RK Puram, New Delhi, they chatted up while I was busy trying to keep my son from pulling the gold fish out of the bowl 🙂 !!!

SO that was that. Next we were told to check their website for the admission results, against the registration number.
There was a medical check up of all kids before the fee was to be paid.
They then called us the next day to pay the fee, which is a BIG BOMB. Rs 55000/- !! Of which only Rs 5000/- is refundable 🙁

The bus fee is separate which is also collected at the same time. Rs 800/- month !

Right in the same room was the shop owner of the stationary and dress etc supplied to DPS.
We had to pay another Rs 5000/- for the same.

On the scheduled date we went to the shop on the lane opposite to the school. There was a huge rush and chaos. Lots of stuff to be collected. School bag, Books, Stationary, Craft items, Napkins and mats, uniform of three sets  and a pair of shoes n socks. Phew !!!!
I am still waiting for the right  size of the shoes.

On the orientation day which was a sunday we got a little surprised n bored with the songs and dance and speeches. Although the speech by the principal and the COO was very interesting and insightful.
We were later taken to the classroom which will be our son’s classroom for next one year.

There were teachers handing over bags of id cards and school rule book. The class was divided in to groups. The first group were to send their kids on a friday and the second on thursday, for the teachers to handle them easily. So we went to drop my son at 11:00 am though the school timing is 9:30 am to 2:30pm.

We were told to leave the class and pick up the kids at the pre requested bus stop. Each kid is given an id card which is to be worn by the kid all the time in the school. There is a duplicate of the same card which is to be shown to the attendant of the bus. Only in the presence of the card the child is handed over to the parent. In case the card is not there, the child is taken back to the school!

In all I have never seen a better organized school like DPS. I am in awe with their efficiency and discipline.
The only problem is the bus to our area is a bit over crowded ! But I am sure that too will be taken care of once the management is made aware of this minor problem.

Yesterday there was a planned bomb drill at the school. The children were told not to tell their parents as they get panicked and start calling even when it’s not needed.I think this must be the brainchild of the Colonel who is handling the day to day operations with military like precision. Thank you Sir for the thought and actions. And hope other schools learn from this benchmark too.



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DPS PUNE SCHOOL, A Benchmark !!!!!!

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