By Madhurie Singh, March 20, 2018

Updating my write after I have received feedback from the parents who have pulled their children out of the school.

Before you take admission, click this link to read what the parents have to share. There are comments from happy, unhappy, angry and sad parents.

Click this Facebook post link to read dlrc reviws on my page 

If you are a parent who is sick of CBSE, ICSE, State boards, rote learning and one method for 60 students then you may want to look at this school in Pune.

DRIVECHANGE LEARNING & RESOURCE CENTRE (DLRC) is non-conventional and does not follow any mainstream board like CBSE, ICSE or State Board curriculum.

It is from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Preschool is not available but Waldorf, Montessori are good options.

They follow NOIS and IGCSE, AS, A level Board. Students can opt for one subject each out of five groups of subjects: Languages, Math, Science, Humanities and Arts.

The core points they believe and follow to create a wholesome learning environment:

  • To explore How to Learn as a community of students, teachers and parents
  • Empower teachers to use their talent and passion
  • Provide an environment where students can experiment, co-learn and challenge
  • Rigour in all aspects of learning is part of everyday learning
  • Each individual is valued and accepted
  • The environment promotes healthy and sustainable lifestyle

They value transparency, peace, acceptance, empathy, socially responsible and mindfulness.

DLRC Pedagogy 

Thematic Units are blocks of key themes and essential questions from Science and Social studies. These thematic units include storytelling, reading, writing, visual arts, music and hands-on activities to learn any theme.

CPA Approach (Concrete Pictorial Abstract), which is the basis of Singapore Math, a very well known form of learning Math. Here the students are expected to use concrete materials to solve a task. Material like paper, straw, pencil, block, stones etc. Once they have completed a task, they are shown the solution in picture format, drawn on a sheet. Later they are introduced to the words that are relevant and used for this task. And lastly, the students are taught the representation of numbers and symbols used in mathematics.

The curriculum has visual and performing arts incorporated each day.

Students are encouraged in decision making and peer learning.

Subjects like Maths, English, Hindi, Science, History, and Geography are all taught.

Practical and life skill are also taught per year.

The day starts with 45 minutes of sports activity.

Assessment is both qualitative and quantitative.

They inform about homework via diary notes and google docs. Students are expected to study between 0 to 3 hours daily based on the grades, increasing by 30 minutes per grade.

Students and Parents both are responsible for the completion of homework.

Self-study is an important part of this school whereby they teach children how to allocate time, follow the guidelines, respect others in a group, be ready with the topics to self-study.

Attendance has to be 100%. School start at 7:50 am.

8390889048 Office number.

Fee structure and schedule:

Update: 1st June 2018:

After this review was posted, many parents whose children are studying in DLRC wrote that there are several issues in the school. The management issues especially have come up. More than 20 children left the school in 2018 to either study in another school or to be homeschooled. I am posting a child’s letter in the comment section.

Hello Madhurie, I am considering taking admission for my child for A level in this school. Can you share any updates on the reviews posted earlier? I have a child in my contacts who is studying at the A level already preparing for her 12th. All I have is positive feedback about the school except number of hours to be put in studying everyday are enormous

Hi Madhuri ,, I am considering this school for my 7 year old son . Cld you be kind enough to update me if the previous issues with the school still exist ? How can i get ur email I’d ?

Hi Maya, i was also considering this school for my 3 yr old. Can you please explain the issues that you faced ?

Hello! Can you please specify the problems faced? I am considering this school for my child. It would be really helpful if you gave us more information.

Dear Madhurie, Thanks for writing very useful blogs on schools in Pune. It's difficult to understand what are the sort of issues the parents had to face based on this one letter. Could you please share some more feedback of other parents who left DLRC ?

You can send me an email. I will help u connect with the parents who left the school.

I believe you get my email id when I send you this comment. could you please email me the details then? If not, please give me your email id so I can contact you. Thanks!

kindly book a consultation

Dear "Teachers", I know you think you have done nothing wrong so far, I know you think that all these lies and this deception has been for the better I can empathize with how hard it might be to run a school. But you see the problem here is that I cannot understand why you won't accept the reality of this. You have messed up 1. You lied to parents on multiple occasions and denied that when you were confronted 2. You handed students a silver platter of second chance and hardly even admonished them when they should have been berated. 3. You acted impulsive, passive-aggressive and haughty when problems in your manners of administration were pointed out. We can try to excuse these faults by saying they were impetuous by nature, but I will not. Because if I didn't know better then these would be the actions of a teenager. These are the actions of someone who uses manipulation and leverage to get ahead. You are running your school like a business and I am certain it will not bode well for the future of education and learning in your school. You will lose most students and parents who care about the education but not for reasons like "The teachers aren't great" but more for reasons like "My child cannot handle the teachers, and I can't either" I hope you don't see this as an attack on your teaching skills but just as constructive criticism or feedback. Sincerely, Abhir

Things have changed much. They have learned nothing from their past mistakes. Pride Comes before Fall. I am pulling out my kid who is in P1 at the end of first term. i.e. 30 October 2018.

Maya, could you please let me know at are the issues at this school? I am considering it for the admission of my child for 2019 . I would like to make an informed decision. Thanks.

Hi Maya, even I would like to know why you are pulling out. I was considering for my son for P2 grade.

Hi Maya, request for details as i am considering shifting my kid from traditional school to this school in her serious years of 4th -5th. your feedback would be very helpful if i am taking a wrong step. Regards [email protected]

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