Effects of the new ruling of uniform admission process in Maharashtra

By Madhurie Singh, December 05, 2013

My husband has a pet line. ” Kyon Bhagwan ne Ganje ko Nakhoon Nahi Diya”

I am not going to explain but you are all smart enough to understand slowly as your read.

So back to the topic we are really worried about. The new ruling from the State’s Primary Education Department that all schools in Pune will have to follow one common uniform admission process in Maharashtra!

Lets see what are the good points of this announcement.

  • There will be assurance that no school can start their admission any time they plan to but will have to follow a pre decided month or two. So that is really a great relief for all the parents who mostly miss school admissions due to lack of awareness that they need to start applying and checking the websites of the schools after September everyday!
  • Educational background, income levels, English language are a few very crucial factors for securing admissions. These will be done away if there is a system that allots seats without allowing any school to scrutinize the parents and the child.
  • Those who are close to the school within 5-7KM gets the priority.
  • All schools will start to slowly look the same! As there will be no way to choose, there will be more inclusiveness in the population within each school.
  • Schools that seemed elite will lose their sheen and schools that were not so attractive will be at par with other schools over a period of 10 years! As that many years is needed for the pre primary to reach primary classes!
  • Huge admission fees, brochure fee and so on will be done away with hopefully as there should be a common application fee and a common brochure fee.
  • Irrespective of the background checks, you will get your child into any school nearby.


The bad:

  • Forget your summer vacations to those cool hill stations in India and Abroad. If April and May are the admission dates then those seeking admission will have to forgo this luxury of vacation in these 2 months. No worries, book the next year!
  • Agents will have a ball! There will always be some loophole that will enable the nexus to operate and make hay when the admission are being done!
  • You will have no choice! So you may miss a school because it’s far from your residence but you really wanted your child to go to!
  • Ram Bharose!

Coming soon:

Will a common uniform school admission process be really feasible ?

How should be a uniform admission process be so that it’s fair and reduces malpractices ?

Thanks for enlightening us on the good and bad effects of this entirely new procedure. I also personally thank you for your entire efforts of educating the parents about admission process.

Hello Ms. Madhuri, really liked your blogs and this website. Congratulations for doing this for parents who are getting into to the tedious admission process for the first time. on the topic- despite this directive from the directorate, there are schools in pune whoe have started their admission process. like a school in PCMC has started its online admission process from today. wonder if there are any rules for schools in India.

I feel this process should do more good than bad. As you said, the Elite will lose its sheen, I think the same. I have one query regarding this centralized admission process. That is, if there are 4-5 school in one locality and every school has different fees range, then will there be any option to choose that? Some schools charges compulsory for breakfast and lunch, some schools charge for transport compulsorily. If these options are there, then the schools which is good and has low fee range, then that particular school will shine the most.

:) I wish

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