Equations behind Cakes, Cupcakes, Muffins, Cookies and Pancakes

By Madhurie Singh, May 08, 2016

At the onset let me warn you, I am not a big kitchen fan. Yet, I am v scientific cook. So kitchen becomes my laboratory every time I decide to bless it with my awesome presence. 1 out of 100 times I fail royally but the other 99 times I come out with dishes that force my family members to accept that I am great even in the kitchen.


Sorry, but that was a bit of self-proclamation that needed to be sneezed off.

So all those who are scared of baking, will love after reading this post.


I am going to share a secret of my 99 times success. I never tell my family members what I am going to be cooking, because, 80 times, it’s something different that what I planned to serve. 🙂

So looking at the progress and faults, the experiments continue till the last moment. And only the successful dish is named as per how it looks and gets to be served.

Baking is one area where if you are not a baker, you will goof up many times. Sometimes due to flat baking powder or baking soda. Most of the time due to too much or too less butter or oil. A lot of times due to too much or too little milk. The rest of the times, my overconfidence to fiddle with the recipes in the cook books or measurement taken too lightly.

Lately, I realized, no point fretting over a mere cake. Its anyways not taking me closer to Moksha. Not that I intend to get moksha this lifetime. I need one more birth to finish my unfinished dreams.

So I started to bake cookies today. The first lot had more butter and turned out to be a soft cookie. The second lot, I added little extra wheat flour so that it stays firm but it became too firm and decided to remain a lump. The third lot came out soft after I added a bit more butter and milk. It looked more like a muffin than a cookie.

And there I could see the damn equation between cake, muffin, cookie and pancake.

cake chart

Nice article on the difference of quantity of ingredients.

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