Euro school Wakad Pune threatens parents 

By Madhurie Singh, June 10, 2015

What lesson are the schools and parents sending to the children?

Schools are using loopholes in the RTE rule book to maximize their dominant position.

On the other hand parents are resorting to protests after failing to put their suggestions across the school management.

Euro school still has no NOC and no PTA formed ??? This is not done.


Parents complain to education board, claiming school officials have threatened to dismiss their kids every time a complaint is brought up

Over 1,000 parents have started a petition against Euro School in Wakad, which is allegedly running without a no objection certificate (NOC) and also lacks a parent- teacher association (PTA). Both of these go against education norms which state that a PTA is essential for parents to share and be part of school policies and regulations.

Parents have also alleged that the school, since its inception in 2013, has hiked its fees by almost 100 per cent.

Agitated, the Parents Forum of Wakad and Forum for Fairness in Education of Pune told Mirror that they have submitted the appeal to the education board and state education department and also to state medical education minister Vinod Tawde in May.

The parents, who did not wish to be named, claimed that their children's future is at risk as every time an issue or a complaint is taken up with principal Preeti Desai, she threatens to throw the child out.

The deputy director of education has now ordered a detailed inquiry into the whole situation.

Agreeing that there is severe mismanagement in several departments, which needs to be investigated, Asha Ubale, administrative officer, school board, Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC), said, "We have received a formal complaint against the school and it is indeed running without the requisite NOC. We have been now ordered to conduct an inquiry."

A parent, whose child is in Class IV, said, "They keep threatening us with dire consequences, saying our children will be removed from the school and admissions will be cancelled. Most of us are not even natives of Pune and we don't know who to approach. All we know is that action needs to be taken against this school which is traumatising our children."

Another parent, a doctor by profession, said, "Over 1,000 parents are supporting this movement. The school started in 2013 and has now hiked its fees by over 100 per cent. Also, they have been violating many norms of the RTE Act, the Capitation Fee Act, the Fee Regulation Act, etc. Parents are not involved in any decision or policy changes at all."

He added, "We requested the school to streamline their procedures, but the principal and the team merely threatened us. We had no option but to seek help from the education board."

However, when Govind Jagannath, school trustee, was contacted, he refuted all allegations, saying, "We did meet the parents but we did not threaten any of them. We have heard from the education board and have promised to cooperate." There are 1,900 students studying at Euro School, Wakad and it boasts of 800 franchises across India.

█ They keep threatening us with dire consequences, saying our children will be removed from the school and admissions will be cancelled

School Staff behavior is not good even payment of fees.. Online classes has not started.. School only want fees nothing else.. They doesn't bother about student future. Really pathetic

Oh can you write more details to my messenger

Blog without a date.... I got no idea about which year month the parents and the writter are complaining about after reading this blog.

Pretty old. :)

Its parents mistake to to put kid here after knowing this NOC and PTA or any other issue. Just screaming for fees hike, wrong behavior . School did not come to you personally to invite you and asked for taking admission. You wanted admission so they gave it and while giving admission parents already must have signed document saying School reserve rights for bla bla bla.... educate people also do not read this before signing or taking admission. That time you had a need and school fulfilled it, now if you have issue with school just walk away ! and search for a better option, anyways you will not any, coz all are same :) If someone really want to teach lesson then shift your kid to other OR not to take admission at all!. Nothing can make this school cry than ZERO or stiff declined admissions. One should raise a voice against wrongful behavior but then some action is also required, only voice will not help ! Log a complain you want to and move your kid to some other school if you are really bothered or else just continue and wait someone to come for your rescue.

Hi Madhurie Ji, Thanks for sharing this experience, really appreciate that. I read your couple of other blogs too and found It would be really helpful of you if can let me know whether the condition of Euro School, Wakad have improved. Did they get the NOC and whether the PTA is formed? Thanks and regards, Richa

They are perfect from day one. Fee activist have done all this. School has got NOC from 2013-14 which is a first year. Has affiliation from ICSE board. British Council - International School Award Sports Global affiliations with NBA and MPS Also Euroschool wakad is a Registered Exam center for Trinity College London for performing Arts.

* I read your couple of other blogs too and found very informative. It is so kind of you sharing good information among the readers. I appreciate that and keep up the good work.

Thank you RIcha

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