Examples of fake review comments online product sites

By Madhurie Singh, August 17, 2012

Recently I had written a post on how companies hire paid reviewers and commentors to praise their products and services.

Read the article here https://madhuriesingh.com/index.php/2012/do-not-trust-any-blog-or-article-they-are-paid-reviews-2/

I came across a few when I was looking to buy tablets for my sons. Site is www.naaptol.com

Check the names of the commentors on three different Tab brands. Also read the comments where it shows their lazyness to even change the wordings. Commentors Heena and Santosh seem to have bought all products or just commenting for the brands they were paid for.

Brand : Wespro



Brand : VOX V80


Brand : Accord

Thanks for opening eyes for many parents.. This is of great help!

Agree with paid promos completely-- seen this same people trend on Facebook too, some people present on all product sites-- especiall yones that run contests.

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