FAQ of DPS Pune School

By Madhurie Singh, February 10, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions
1. If I am unable to fill the Registration Form online, can the school be of help?

The online filling up of the form has been adopted to prevent you from standing in long queues and fill it up at a time of your convenience. In case you are unable to do so, it is suggested that you take help from someone who is technically sound. Moreover, the process of filling up the Form is very simple and our website has “Guidelines on Filling up the Registration Form”. Read all Guidelines under the ‘Admissions’ module carefully before attempting to fill in the Registration Form.

2. If, after submitting the Form, I am unable to make the payment online, will my Form be considered valid?

No, payment of the Registration & Processing Charges will only be accepted through the Online Payment Gateway. Hence, ensure that you have read carefully and understood the “Guidelines on Making Online Payment”, before attempting to fill up the Form. No requests for any other mode of payment will be considered.

3. If, due to some reason I am unable to take a printout of the form, which has been duly submitted online, what should I do?

You are NOT required to print the Registration Form. Printing the filled up Registration Form is Optional. You only need to note down the Form No. that appears after you have submitted the Form.

4. If, due to unavoidable circumstances, I am unable to reach school on the allotted date and time for Introduction Session/Admission Formalities, can I come the next day?

Avoid such a situation as it affects the entire process, but if the situation is totally unavoidable, you may submit a request with the Head of School and his/her decision will be final. This request should be given well in advance of the scheduled date. However, do note that no exercise of the admissions process can be scheduled beyond the last date allotted for that exercise.

5. If one parent is unable to attend the Introduction Session or be present at the Time of Admission, will it affect my ward’s selection/admission?

We, as a school, strongly believe that both parents play a significant role in the growth of a child, hence it is requested that both parents be present at the time of Introduction Session & Admission. In case it is not possible, prior permission needs to be taken from the Head of School.

6. If, while filling up the form I have missed out on any detail or made a mistake, can I complete/alter that field by hand on the printout of the Registration Form?

Once submitted and online payment made for, no alterations/changes, howsoever minor, will be allowed on the Registration Form. The printout, in any case, is optional and will not be used by the school. It is expected that all information given under ‘Admissions’ module on the school website be thoroughly read and understood, before the Form is filled up.

7. Can I make any change in the data submitted online at any later stage?

Once successfully submitted, no change in the data can be made on the Registration Form.

8. Suppose my documents are not as per the requirements of the school, will I be given some other date to report with proper documents?

No extension of time will be given to fulfill deficiency in documents sought by the school at any stage of the admissions process. The Registration of the candidate will be summarily cancelled in such cases.

9. Is the age criterion being followed very rigidly? Can any grace period be given to a child whose age falls short of or exceeds by just a few days?

Yes, age criteria are strictly adhered to. Even a day’s difference is not acceptable. This is to facilitate a fair and just admissions process and as per prescribed norms.

10. Can I submit any other document as proof of date of birth, contrary to what is prescribed?

No, only the Date of Birth Certificate issued by a Municipal Corporation/Panchayat/Local Government Authority will be accepted. In case the original is not available, please get a duplicate copy issued from the issuing authority and produce it at the time of Introduction Session. Without producing the Original Valid Birth Certificate, as stated above, for verification at the time of Introduction Session, your ward will not be allowed to appear for the Introduction Session. Date of Birth certificate issued by a Doctor/Nursing Home/Hospital or an Affidavit is not acceptable.

11. If my ward falls under the category of SC/ST/OBC, but does not have a certificate in his/her name, can the certificate of father be submitted as a proof?

Yes, father’s caste certificate can be submitted as a supporting document but the caste certificate for the child needs to be submitted within three months, if admission is granted.

12. I am going to be transferred to your location in the month of April 2014, hence I have still not rented a house, and in this case how can I give you my preference of Transport?

For this you need to make a decision and select your preferred locality right now. Change requests, after admission, if granted, will not be entertained.

13. What is meant by ‘Second Girl Child’?

The candidate for which the Form has been filled up should be a girl child and should have an own elder sister. A notarised affidavit is required to be submitted in the prescribed format.

14. If the mother is not working what should I fill up under profession?

“Homemaker” is to be mentioned under this field and N.A. to be mentioned for the subsequent fields (i.e. Organisation/Designation/Office Address).

15. Is there any special quota for NRI children?

No, NRI children are treated at par with other children, during the admissions process. There is no special consideration, nor preference given to an NRI candidate.

16. If my address changes in the future, what shall be the procedure to update the same in school records?

You need to contact the school office with relevant documents.

17. For ECS Mandate, will you accept endorsement from any bank?

ECS Mandate should be issued by a local Bank/Branch, i.e., within the city. If you have an ‘At Par’ Account, the local branch of your bank should endorse the ECS Mandate Form.

18. In case I do not receive the SMS/Email within the prescribed period, what should I do?

First, you must check your email ID’s Spam/Junk box and also ensure that your mobile number is registered for receiving emails from us (This is the first message that appears on opening the Registration Form). If no SMS/E-mail is received by February 19, 2014, you should write to write to [email protected] mentioning the Application Form No., Name of the Candidate, Parent’s Name, Date of Birth, Class Applied For and Date on which Application was submitted online.

19. When and how will I be informed about the date and time of Introduction Session?

We shall be couriering all Admit Cards for the Introduction Session by February 19, 2013, to the local address mentioned in the Registration Form. If you do not receive the Admit Card by then, all you need to do is bring a printout of the E-mail Message sent to your E-mail ID after despatch of the Admit Card. This E-mail Message will mention your ward’s Registration No., Date and Time of Introduction Session and documents to be brought for the Introduction Session.

20. How do I communicate with the school during the Admissions Process?

It is strongly advised that you write to the school on [email protected] mentioning the Registration Form No., Name of the Candidate, Parent’s Name, Date of Birth, Class Applied For and Date on which Application was submitted online. Avoid calling up the school telephone numbers.

21. If I have opted for School Transport and chosen a Bus Stop for my child, can I request a change to Supervision or make my child board from a different bus stop, during/after admission?

If you want to change your bus stop or opt for ‘Supervision’, it implies that the Residence Address filled up by you in the Registration Form was false and was given only to gather Weightage Points. The school does not encourage adoption of such unfair means as other candidates may be affected. Your child will have to use the bus stop opted for, at the time of Registration, for at least one full academic session, if granted admission, and neither can commuting under own supervision be allowed. Please do not approach the school with any such requests as these will be rejected outright.

Do note that Supervision is allowed only from the areas/localities specified. Also note that Supervision will be allowed only by own private vehicle or by a commercial vehicle authorised to transport school-children by the appropriate government authority. The school actively discourages violation of law and safety norms for school-children and advises parents to be careful in choosing transport for their children. (Refer “Bus Stops”)

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