Feedback about my site received over last few years :)

By Madhurie Singh, December 20, 2013

Over the last few months, I have got candid feed =back about this website, which is actually a blog on Wordpress.

For your information, I am the administrator, database manager, homepage designer, website maintenance guy error handler etc. etc. etc. along with reviewer and writer of this blog site called 🙂 . Time to hand it over to someone else.

So I thought it’s high time you all told me what was lacking on the site and what are the new features that you expect.

Well not everything can be done if I continue using Wordpress, but a few things can be done. Nevertheless when I do start to redesign the site, I will try to incorporate as many  features you have mentioned.

So if there is any feature that you want to see on this site, do write it as the comment below. I will try to see them through.

Write down one feature you want on the website Can you mention any feature what can be improved on the website to make it better?
Remove mandatory survey online form submission.
choose the perfect school my child more questionair and answers
very interactive school names according to location
Interactive Chat use of asp pages so that sites can be opened from all networks, even at work
I could not open your website on a secured platform. Pl try to resolve it.
User-friendly Add colours or photos
Contact details Updated information
immediate online consultation
Reviews, Discussions Reviews
Comparitive study of schools the website is goos however the information is more on a random basis. It is not structured
Online Discussion/Chat among registered members Daily updates, more blogs
Reviews Childerns personel growth
More schools in the different area of pune to be covered Area wise school
Best schools in PCMC area.
detailed reviews by Madhurie The reviews section seems to have reviews both by Madhurie and parents. Her reviews should be kept in a different section
Excellent good info abt school Online chat
Areawise school font
People can get any information related to school under one roof, Very good site. Web site look, font and make it user friendly
Tentative fee structure
school contact details school contact details and admission details
contact details Can be a bit more interactive
charges of the seminar & workshop.. TOP 10 list of schools – board wise – CBSE/ICSE/SSC & your personal reviews of these schools..
Reviews by parents of students who are going to the school, in addition to the professional reviews Better search functionality
maam please let me know how do we pay and wher as i want a phn call consultancy and workshop wher and how do we pay and when do we expect a call
Readability is not very convenient Functioning of the site. Had to submit the form twice.
Pune pediatrician list and a list of super specialist for children e.g. pediatric neurologist.. Finance for children
online chatting Online Chatting
none none
committee of different schools on topics related to issues faced by parents feature on children with special needs
Informative Usability, Content Management
probably for parents who have recently shifted coz an honest opinion about schools here is hard to get and reviews are pretty confusing.maybe a detailed grid about schools with all the information elaborating and rating them based on academic rigours and extracurricular activities maybe more elaborate and in was reading this article on why off plastics but doesn’t give the specificis as to why and how
Comparison tables for schools by Madhurie. Proper grouping of all articles related to all sub-topics.
School Reviews and Admission details for LKG
More area wise school is to be inclued as no school in shivajinagar is included
Live chat facility (i understand it’s tough and asks for full time dedication, but only if possible even for a few hours of the day) Better Presentability of very useful bits of Information
Online chat assistance everyday at a fixed time. Say for an hour or so… Parents reviews about their children’s schools.
RTE admission process & FAQs Its just an excellent website.
Compare SWOT of all educational boards in India. Schools assessment
school name map
Live chat with assistance.
Cut off marks if different schools Live info of available admission vacancies
is admission possible is std v.
User freindly
I was finding it difficult to navigate and find what i wanted.
Results of the schools fonts
Kind of chart listing down school by areas with ratings Overall content searching
School ratings Consistent look
school reviews very difficult to navigate needs to be improved on navigation part to make it user freindly
Like we compare production in sites, select two schools and compare Year/Month wise post
No search otion for schools . oculd find only an image in the wbsite list of schools area wise . and also their admissin dates and process and eligibiolity criteria
parents feedback will do it later
latest Schedule of workshop nothing specific
direct contact to any local people its all depends on my first experience when i will come through
way of problem handled. food for child as per age
Food recipes for kids It superb
Admission calender of schools
Quick Response Team Online Assistance
Should have a discussion forum look and feel
lunch facility for students transport facility should be available.
Latest review of ICSE SCHOOL Old review data of school needs to update
Area wise school for better approach
Attrition rate of the teachers Add Widgets
online discussion through chat updated review
ratings of each school according to the result still more to improve
Over all comparision of all schools in pune on all aspects of importance Prompt answers will be welcome
It should be more clear about in between admission in school. You can put some school pics.
very open thoughts
site should be professional
School fees details School fees details
pls give suggestion on the kothrud area school nothing everything is good
online chatting personal meeting
guidelines for online admission in best cbse schools at pune list of schools in order of thir quality of education
cannot think of anything easy browsing and searching
proper guideline having encyclopedia of every school
Area wise school list and associated links
new schools to be added School reviews to be updated with review date
options of languages offered in different schools online chat
currently good features
subjectwise very useful website
List of all schools, locality and link/ph no. in Pune
You have been doing an awesome job Yes, I can do some Gap Analysis, give me some time.
Site has to be organised properly and user friendly acess of information systematic user friendly GUI
more reviews
i would like to have up to date reviews of both you and the parents of all the schools. I think the font size should be reduced a bit. Reat all the website is good.
Direct links for the school. However content is very accurate and impressive, look and feel can be improved.
easy search
location map more graphics
fees comparison
Please mention if this service is chargeable or not. Please include the service charges for different consultancy services.

Hi Madhurie, DO you have a database of schools in pune? I need contact details of school principals from pune Thanks, Nitish

I don't have a list but if you read the reviews, you will see their names and contacts.

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