Feedback of MKNS School Pune from a worried parent

By Madhurie Singh, June 28, 2018

Received another worried parent’s problem. School is #MKNS.

Worried parent of MKNS MansukhBhai Kothari National School about the mental harassment.

Hello all
I need some advice from you.
My son is studying in (science). From past few days he has been continuously picked on by his teacher for no reason.
It seems to him that the teacher come prepared daily to knock him out. Recently we had a parent teacher meeting in school where she complaint of him talking to his friend during class and he does not want to mix up with others. When I asked my son and confirmed with other teacher , they told that they keep on solving chemistry paper as they find the subject little difficult. Even if he equires about what has been done in the class when he was absent then also his teacher starts mocking.

When he is preparing for test and studying in free periods, he is asked to stop studying and talk to his friends.

This is really insane . If he wants to study then why he is not allowed to do that. It put me to worry that what happened to the teachers now a days. Few days ago his teacher asked him to decorate the blackboard for parent -teacher meeting, where half of the class were jumping with joy to impress the teacher , on his honest reply that he can’t do it because he is not good at art and craft, added one more reason to be hated.

Not only he, few more of them are also suffering, but could not say anything out of fear. I feel very bad about it. The most annoying thing is nobody stands for right.

Truly speaking MKNS is not a school, it's a business hub. Cheap administration, the low-level mentality of staff. They always dying for money that is it. Lockdown they have conducted low-quality online classes even parents struggled to understand what teachers were saying. After lockdown in new session 2021, they increased the fee around 20%, this is a joke? I will not recommend anyone for this school.

School not considering parents in any decision taken abruptly. Behaving always like money minded. No means of two way communication, only school can send circulars, no way for parents . No proper reply or action on complaints , only assurance every time.

You are right, after lockdown, they increased around 20% fee without any justification. This is not school, this is just Baniya's shop

(1) My two sons are in MKNS .Now elder have passed 10th Std & leaving MKNS after getting admission through CAP round to college which he selected.But MKNS had never never supported us ,even no guidance given for Govt.of Maharashtra's CAP rounds of 11th Std. (2) MKNS School Management every year increases school fees without taking consideration of parents.Even I am after school after long time to show the fees increment proposal acceptance in school PTA but they are avoiding to share with me same.I am still calling them but they avoids & refuses smartly...!! (3) Recently the Principal Mr. Sandeep Khanna is changed & now new Maharastrian Lady face is there as Principal. (4) In School majority populations of students seems momedians & Boharies communities while few Maharastrians - Hindu could also be noticed ! (5) Although School charges heavy teachers ask students to bring out colour prinouts , fruits , soft drinks , snacks etc.during class parties...Why School can not bear such charges ?

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