Feedback of Podar International School Ambegaon Budruk

By Madhurie Singh, June 27, 2018

Copy pasting verbatim feedback of a parent of Podar International School, Ambegaon Budruk. Changes made only to the spellings and grammar to keep the post unpenalized by Google.
I was one of the Poddar unsatisfied parents. My 2 daughters were in Podar school since nursery till std 2nd and 5th.
The various problems I found are mentioned below…
1)The students were not allowed to go to the toilet. The children forced to control their nature’s call. They were not allowed to drink water.. because of these habit…my daughters suffered from constipation…
2)They were not able to eat their tiffin due to this. Also, the time given for long break n short break was v less.
3)The students were locked inside the classroom when the teacher was absent….and this happened almost 3-4 times a week.
They were not allowed to play or talk….but just keep quiet n draw in their rough book.
My daughters used to cry a lot daily as she didn’t want to go to school…but were not able to express that time….they used to get super bored in the classroom doing nothing.
4)They always have a shortage of water. When we question this to the principal…they ask our child to come ..they ask our child if he faced water issues…out of fear…they don’t tell the truth.
5)My daughters used to get A+ in all her subjects…my daughter had told me that she made 6-7 mistakes in that subject…she still got A+
How are they going to build their knowledge if the students get A+ effortlessly?
6)In std ninth….they directly remove students who got less marks…
If they don’t show the students mistakes in early years how are they going to score high?
7) The entrance of the school is v v unhygienic…there is a big pool of drainage water outside the gate.
We complained about this ‘N’ number of times…but no use…
8)They don’t take children to the library.
Extracurricular activities were not taken properly. Activities they had opted for were not been taken seriously.
Krupa Shah
The website of the school is

Why podar is showing that much of intrest celabrating X-Mass. Are you thinking that all christian schools celebrating Hindufestivals? Rather than spending times in the celebration of festivals, make the good events on science , vedicscience, math, vedicmath etc. It gives the enrich the knowledge. Give the information about festivals no issues. Mean time need not to celebrate. Grow the Nationalism much more by telling about shri. Swami Vevekanda, shri. APJ abdul kalam . etc. It will be helpful.

Agree. India will change slowly to Bharat. Vande Mataram. Bharat Mata ki Jai

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