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By Madhurie Singh, June 21, 2013

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Both my children study at Vivero International Kalyani nagar and I am surprised to read such reviews. My son and daughter have learnt so much, they even sing in Spanish. I feel every penny I’ve spent at the pre-school is worth it and the teachers are the best at Vivero. The principal madam is also so coperative, we feel satisfied with Vivero and are very happy with the way things are taught at the school. They live upto each promise they make.

Our whole experience with the Vivero daycare has been superb. The centre is so spacious and my daughter loves playing about there… she also is very fond of the staff especially shreeja teacher and veena teacher… they are caring and suportive. Also it is so pleasing when my daughter says new words and ryhmes. We think she is learning very well.

regarding magarpatta branch in pune.........its sad to see that such a beautiful school has a layout that just doesnt match to the rest ,,i mean magarpatta...the head i guess is bad ,insulting and badly needs to know and impart values its jus not safe for r children to be here because if the head has dis behaviour i am sure their teachings will b the same........not organised at all...teachers change every day and so it causes a mess for r children as they cannot build a rapo with new one each day......a kind request to the heads to please appoint a head much more mature and sensible for a good mangt.......and miss head go get urslf some values if pssble........nd plzzz growupppppp........know ur bad and stp regrading rest.....ur cheaper than them.......

Dear Kumari, Thank you for the feedback on Vivero Magapatta.

Please add a page for Feedback of Billabong High International School, Kalyani Nagar. Thanks

Sure Amreeta, Click this link to write your views about Billabong school.

Vivero International Kalyani Nagar: One of the most expensive Pre School in Pune. My kid is in Vivero International since last 2 years. I was appalled at the state of affairs there: especially things happening mid year where parents are almost cornered as they cannot shift elsewhere mid session. On being asked about school’s responsibility towards the kids who are there : the vice principal has clearly spelled out that “ school cannot give personal attention”. I am wondering if a pre-school cannot give attention – what kind of school can give. They talk of reggio-emilia processes and a whole lot of spiel about child development during admissions and counseling. On being asked teacher’s responsibility – we were told parents have to help the child at home . at school there are 10 students – so teacher cannot give any “ personal attention”. I want to bring this to everyone’s notice that despite 2 discussions at senior most level – nothing happened and now I am stuck. The school is increasing more sections and more students getting admitted = as a result this has become another money making machine in Kalyani Nagar where parents pay up atleast 1 lac for the year and we pay 1.1 lac for the year ( foreigners pay more). While I am pursuing this with the senior people but I also want people to know through this forum about the school and its responsibilities towards the students. 4 of our friends from Vivero are already sending their kid to evening 1 hour orientation classes where kids learn to write and read… I am surprised “ what role is Vivero Playing if they cannot even teach a kid to read and write”…

Hi Joy, Kindly post this review in

If there are few more parents who are facing the same, I may take it up to the school.

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