Get ready for the 2014 admissions in Pune Schools

By Madhurie Singh, December 13, 2013

Thanks to the clarifications from the Education Department, NOW finally the air is clear about the admissions 2014-15 .

It is not really feasible to come up with any system online or offline to streamline the admission process of close to 700 schools in Pune itself, unless one has been planning, designing the architecture of the system planned and then to meticulously develop the system in a six months time!

If someone does think so, then they are living in the world of utopians! Though many a times, I am named and called so by people around me!

So now that they thankfully cleared their ruling, the admissions will go as it normally does with only one change.

By the end of this December 2013, all schools will be informed of the date when they will be allowed to officially start their admissions for the pre-primary, most probably in the month of April 2014- May 2014.

So parents go have a great winter vacation as your summer vacation has been stalled this time! But that’s ok, except for the tourism department, you will save a lot ;).

Poor teachers will now never have any summer vacation, now or in future !  One more dent to the teaching profession!


Hi, My son is 2 years old, he completed 2 yrs on 5th jan 2014. I wanted to know the guidelines regarding the below, - what is the minimum age to be in nursery - If so, what is this minimum age - Whats your review on St. Vincent's School in pune. - Are school really strict on the age criteria I am asking these questions keeping schools like Vibgyor,Bishops, Hutchings, Marrys etc. Regards, Prayag

Dear Prayag, kindly read my previous posts. For more personal advice you will have to book time for consulting.

All schools are starting online process from 20th Dec onwards if they are CBSE board schools. Others that start their school admissions in Jun so they can wait till dec end 2013 to plan their admission move in the month of april and may

Well it should. But if a school started its admission process before Nov 10, 2013, then they are not in the loop.

Thnx for d info

Does this apply for all schools? Govt, Semi-Govt, State run, private, etc CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, SSC, etc board?

Welcome Bhumika

Thanks for sharing!! Didn't know this.

:) I am glad you are reading Anjali

Good to know.

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