Food that improve happiness and make depression go away

By Madhurie Singh, January 11, 2017

Do you find your child unable to memorize, does not sleep properly, looks depressed, irritated or moody? There may low serotonin in his brain and body that is the cause of all this.

Read this article on This one food cures depression in children, teens & adults.

These are some of the easily available food items that have good amount of Tryptophans that make Serotonin.

Ghee is the most important food item to keep Serotonin level high in your child’s body.

Bananas will never make them feel bad, especially when eaten in the morning. Banana Milk Shake anyone?

Kaju or Cashewnut is also full of Tryptophan. Give your moody kid this and see the change in the mood. You too can munch on Kajus and Bananas whenever you are feeling low especially during your monthlies.

Eggs are another easy and good source of Tryptophan.

Per day requirement of Tryptophan is 4mg per kilogram of body weight. So for a child who is 20 kg would need approx. 80mg of Tryptophan.

Dal, Fish, Chicken, Beans, Cheese, Seeds of pumpkin, Fishes too have it.

Sweet Dishes which contain Desi Ghee, Banana, Kaju, Paneer, Eggs are excellent to lift the mood and reduce the depression as they help in the making of Serotonin.


  • Omelette

  • Banana Milk Shake

  • Besan Ka Laddoo in desi ghee

  • Mysore Pak in desi ghee

  • Kaju ki Barfi

  • Banana Payasam

  • Paneer ke barfi

  • Ghewar in desi ghee

  • Egg Pudding

Savory Dishes which contain Desi Ghee, Cheese, Paneer, Dal, Eggs, Chicken, Mutton are excellent to lift the mood and reduce the depression as they help in the making of Serotonin.

  • Omelet with cheese in homemade butter

  • Besan ka chilla cooked in cow’s butter made at home

  • Paneer Bhurji with Kaju gravy in homemade ghee

  • Chicken breast cooked in homemade desi ghee


Thank you so much for the informative would be really healthy if we feed our children keeping the contents in mind..

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