Green Tea for me!

By Madhurie Singh, July 08, 2012

Yes you read it right! I shifted  to green tea.

Green Tea shift?

Well a couple of weeks back I pulled my back muscle very badly while trying to pick up my kids crocs and dumping them into the washing machine!

What? Washing machine for footwears!!!!


Its a machine afterall ! It has no reservations against anything it cannot wash. I know its weird for many of you but very natural if you logic it out. After all, it cleans everything so prefectly that you will wish you had used it earlier .:)

I too was a bit taken aback when in Sydney, I saw a pair of Nike shoes floating in my washing machine. My hubby's aunt had dropped them along with a few foot mats.  They all came out shining like new! Try it.

So back to my "back" story.

I bent down but remained there !!!

Just felt excrutiating pain in the lower back. 

Somehow dragged myself and lay on the bed. My sons came to my rescue and called my hubby who was shopping. My sons became my support for the next 48hours. ( I realized many profound facts about my family when I was helplessly immobile. Thankfully they were all pleasant ones.)

I was so much in pain that I started gulping painkillers. 

By next morning I had taken 8 pills! My dad warned me and told me to take antacids which I totally ignored thinking I never had acidity problem so why now!

Well the back was fine by the next evening but the pills made an ulcer in my stomach lining. 🙁 I was scared to eat food as the moment I ate, the stomach acid would start burning the ulcer!

I did not know if I hated the back pain more or this ulcer pain due to painkillers.

So then came the treatment. Cold milk and gelucil instead of tea became the morning and evening and at times lunch time beverage.

It did real good to me.

I started loving milk again, especially cold with no sweetner. Started  tasting the sweetness of the milk itself.

Now 3 days later no more ulcer pain so the brain was luring me to go back to Tea. 

I just could not. 

Went to Dorabjee and picked a pack of Green tea and Satevia leaves (natural sweetner).

Made green tea. Hated every gulp of it.

I was wondering when will I develop the taste for green tea. Then just to add a flavor, squeezed a bit of lemon juice today. Viola! the Green Tea is no more the bitter tea punishment I was detesting, it became a super duper favorite drink which I now seem to have finally learnt to make with a few days of failure and experiments.

My tips to new green tea switchers:

1. Boil satevia leaves for 2 minutes. (brings out the natural sweetness)

2. Add green tea 1 tsp and put off the burner. (If you keep it longer than 1 5 sec, you will curse the tea!)

3. Pour green tea and add lemon juice a quarter.

Benefits of Green Tea: (as claimed by Green Tea sellers and sites not verified)

  • I have a supplement of antioxidants in the flavor I love 
  • I do not have to take something extra to increase antioxidant intake, just my morning tea/ evening tea.
  • Antioxidants helps fight bad ions left in our blood and body due to cellular functioning. So you will have better immunity, better chances to prevent cancer and diseases in the mouth.
  • In case you have weight problem, its suppose to help in fat burning too, but I doubt its really that efficient as claimed. Its just that you are drinking more green tea instead of eating so there is an obvious cut in the calorie intake.
  • Warm water helps your metabolism especially when taken first thing in the morning. This may add to weight reduction process.
  • Also in case you have been smoking and drinking, you may want to start green tea as it removes toxins in the liver produced by tobacco and alcohol.

So why am I posting this here!

Cuz, I want to shift my sons to drink green tea as early in their life as possible. Why should we wait till they grow adults to drink green tea?

I dunnu how but may be once a week or weekend it would be great idea to make them taste this lovely drink when we pretend to be all adults! Yes we have this session when I want them to give me solution to problems that they are facing or troubling me. Mostly they come out with really win win solutions as they want to not lose their previlege nor they want to hurt me.

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