Happy Teachers' Day to All the Teachers in my life

By Madhurie Singh, September 05, 2012

I feel blessed writing this post today on teachers' day and their immense contribution which I never will ever forget.

There are different types of teachers that I have seen but all have taught me something worthy directly and most importantly indirectly. 

Like all human beings they too are humans and have their problems back home. They too have the same financial tensions, family dramas, teenagers to handle, routine chores to take care of and handle 30 plus kids where we loose our minds over just 1 or 2 of our own!

I remember when I was in my convent school, wondering if the "Sisters" tied their hair or let it loose inside that long head gear they wore. I tried peeking once and was scolded badly :(. But came to know that they make buns compulsorily. 🙂

I used to think they ate different kinds of food. So once when we were in our choir practice, next to the "Father's" room, a boy from our choir group sneaked inside to see what was served. After he did not come back for more than 5 minutes we all were scared and worried and as we planned to dash into the room, this boy came out wiping his face and a big smile. He had found a fried fish and an apple served for the "Father". The fish was there but only bones now ! How much I laugh everytime I cook fish. Recently I found him on FB and he is a fine Colonel in the Army !

I was a darling of most teachers in the school days and really enjoyed the special treatment, from being the President of the school to captaining the Throw ball team to being the star athelete. 

I remember the boys of our class asking the bio teacher if she too made the dough and cooked rotis ! And that was a discussion in the lunch time. 

I remember my chemistry sir, who used to ask logically inclined questions always like what is glass and how would you know if a skeleton is of a male or a female etc before starting any chapter. He was young himself but for us he was a star always. 

I remember my sports sir, who found my friend and me standing out of the class for talking. He talked to us when he was punished and we were so thrilled to know that he was also like us. 

I remember my hindi teacher who took pains to coach me for the inter school debate competition as tell me the secrets of debating was observing the opponent's weakness during practice sessions.

I used this strategy when I represented my engg college in inter college chess competition. 

Teachers have come in various forms. I befriended an army person who gave a very important lesson in life that I must choose the opponent to fight, that I must not react instantly but choose a time to respond when I am cool and calm. He taught the lesson of taking control of the situation by postponing the reaction to atleast by a week if possible. Many a times things have sorted out due to this practice on its own. Many a times I have found that I would have over reacted had I not waited. Many a times I have found it was an assumption or perception when actually it was a simple misunderstanding. He taught me how to keep my senses open to every thing happening around and yet not becoming a hyper. 

I have used this in my day to day life effectively. A lot of time my posts fetches me really touching comments and a few demeaning ones. I learnt not to react to either and just do what I love to do without being carried away. 

I learn from my kids everyday. When they imitate me, it tells me what wrong I am doing or what good I have ingrained in them. When they respond strangely, it tells me how other people must have felt when I did the same to them! 

When my sons were in tears watching a scene from " The slumdog millionaire" , I know I too have been a good teacher to ingrain compassion in them. 

Recently I came across a picture on Google and was ecstatic to show them to my kids which was a very good example of how any person can be molded into any shape or form.

Trees molded for furniture

Molded tree copied from Google Image

The learning will happen all my life, but I am and will always be indebted to all the teachers in my life from my kindergarten to my MBA times. 

A practice that I do not fail to do is :

  • Never degrade any teacher in front of my kids
  • Always write a note to the teachers about my view point clearly than crib 
  • Appreciate anything that they do good and different

Happy teachers day once again!

Thanks for appreciating Kushal Karewar

Must follow things : 1.Never degrade any teacher in front of my kids. 2.Always write a note to the teachers about my view point clearly than crib. 3.Appreciate anything that they do good and different.

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